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Holden HT Kingswood
HT Kingswood
HT Holden Kingswood
If one goes by sales figures, and what better guide?, the Holden Kingswood is the most popular car in Australia. Undoubtedly one of the main reasons for its big sales is the wide variety of custom features available with the model. These range from a choice of five engines - sixes and V8's - to a host of stylish interior and exterior equipment.

Because of the various combinations of custom features, no two Kingswoods need look alike. There are in fact too many Kingswood combinations to list them all, but here are just some of the things that have helped make the car itself the biggest seller in Australia:

Dramatic Styling:
Gone are the days when a car wasn't considered a car unless embellished with twists and curves and flourishes from bonnet to boot. Styling nowadays is simple and dramatic and the Kingswood scores well on both points. The sleek, flowing body line is accentuated by the special moulding around the wheel arches.

The grille has strong vertical and horizontal lines that add depth and character to the front appearance. The grille is manufactu red from nonncorrosive Acrylonitrile Butadene Styrene. This strong material has inherent flexible characteristics that make it less likely to be damaged in a minor collision - and cheaper to repair if it is damaged. The rear styling features wrap around taillights that are easy to see from the side as well as the rear- something that could save many a nasty bump.

First Australian V8:
The Kingswood is available with a choice of five engines -including the new Australian V8, the '253'. The wide range of engines and transmissions should suit all individual preferences. The standard power plant is the well-proven '161' engine developing 114 bhp, coupled with the all synchromesh three speed manual transmission. Moving up the scale, there's the popular '186' engine of 130 bhp, the '186S' of 145 bhp and the big '301' V8 that develops a load-lightening 210 bhp.

And, of course, the all-Australian economy '253' V8. This offers all the performance, power and long-life characteristics traditionally associated with V8 motoring. The '253' was designed, tested, built and assembled in Australia. Its development was aided by its inclusion as the power unit for the GMH research car, the futuristic Holden Hurricane. The '253' has prompted a flood of favourable reactions from motoring writers. Among them:
  • "Price of the '253' engine brings V8 motoring within reach of family motorists." (Motor Manual - July 1969)
  • "GMH have scored a winner with their Australian-designed and built '253' engine."(Sydney Sun-Herald - June 1969)
Transmission options:
There are three speeds on the column or four speeds on the floor. Or the smooth Powerglide automatic for easy stop-start city motoring. A smooth, quiet ride is achieved by the use of rubber bushings, which replace the steel bushings in both the upper and lower control arms of the lower rate front suspension, giving improved isolation from road noise and a softer ride.

Dual rate rear leaf springs with larger rubber bushings further contribute to the quieter, softer ride. Rear axle bearings have increased capacity and are completely preesealed and lubricated. And a new V-frame cradle improves sound proofing even more by isolating the engine transmission assembly from the passenger compartment. Interior Luxury.

The bench seats are thickly padded and richly upholstered with embossed leathergrain vinyl. The seats are high-backed to give extra shoulder support and the front doors have long, soft armrests. Bucket seats are also available. It all adds up to extremely comfortable motoring, no matter how far you drive. And that goes for everyone in the car, because the Kingswood is a genuine six-seater.

There is a wide range of exterior and interior colors. The interior is color-keyed, which simply means that everything harmonises in color from safety belts to headlining. The Kingswood has an abundance of safety padding, even on the steering wheel which is-incidentally-oval shaped to provide better vision and ease of entry.

The instrument panel features two big circular clusters, heavily recessed to prevent reflections. The control legends, in addition to the actual instruments, are illuminated at night for quick and easy reference ... a significant safety feature in night time driving.

More Safety Features:
As the number of cars on the road increases, most new car buyers are looking more and more for safety precautions that are built into the car. Safety comes from the way you drive, but mishaps can always happen. Thus it's reassuring to know that Kingswood, like other GMH models, includes these safety aids (among others):
  • Energy-absorbing steering column
  • Articulated windscreen wipers that eliminate blind spots
  • Dual circuit brakes
  • Park and turn and stop lights that are visible from the side
  • Automatic reversing lights
  • Outside rearview mirror
  • Non-glare interiors
  • Positive crankcase ventilation
  • Double-sided safety wheel rims
  • Low-profile controls and door handles and window-winders
  • Shatterproof rearview mirror that knocks free under impact
  • Fusible link wiring to prevent electrical fires
  • Modified zone windshield that gives you driving vision even after shattering
HT Holden Premier
HT Premier
HT Holden Premier
...The luxury starts with the way the car looks. The essence of luxury in a car should be instantly apparent; Premier does it with strong simple styling. The strong flowing lines of the Holden Kingswood continue in Premier with the addition of a special rear roofline to give extra headroom in the back seat. The differences are underrlined by discreet badges and line trim, and a special grille. Other distinctions are the exclusive metallic colors and the four headlights.

The interior is completely trimmed; about the only bright metal you see are the chromed seatbelt fittings. There's safety padding all around, only a part of the safety that's built in, and everything is colorkeyed; control knobs, head lining, steering wheel. The seats are soft, and it's not feather-mattress softness, but a careful combination of strong springs, deep foam rubber, and resilient upholstery.

Ride Bumps are soaked up and smoothed down by new rubber bushings in the suspension front and rear; and the road springs aretuned to give handling without harshness. A by-product of this attention to ride is a big loud silence. Rubber bushes soak up road noise and thumps; bold use of sound absorbent material mops up engine and wind noise; and a new rubber-cushioned Y-cradle for the engines damps out vibration most effectively.

The standard engine in the Premier is also a step up. It's the six cylinder '186', a well-proved and highly reliable unit which smoothly and quietly winds out an economical 130 horsepower for years. For people who need more muscle under their foot there are three alternatives; the 145 hp '186S', the new 185 hp '253' economy V8, which has turned out to be a winner, and its big brother '308' with 240 hp.

Transmissions gearshifts are suit yourself. Standard is a new all-synchromesh three-on-the-column. But the options are four-on-the floor, or Powerglide automatic on the column or the floor. With floor shifts, you get a floor console with an oddment compartment and sundries tray.

Custom Features:
The range of custom features is wide enough to let anyone suit himself. They range from power windows to air conditioning, rally wheels to power radio antenna. Among the major ones are a rich Castillon Weave upholstery for the seats, all transistor radios, tinted windscreens, load levelling shock absorbers, power steeri ng and brakes, special instruments, and black or light-saddle vinyl roof. If you want a car that says what you are, and gives you driving pleasure as well, the Holden Premier comes first.

Engine: 186 6-cylinder.
Bore and stroke 3.625 x 3.00 in.
Capacity 186 ci
Max hp: 130 at 4,400 rpm.
Max torque: 181 Ibs. ft. at 2,000 rpm.
Compression ratio 9.2:1.
RAC rating 31.54 hp.

Optional Engines:
'186S' 6-cylinder engine with 154 hp at 4,600 rpm.
'253' V8 8-cylinder with 185 hp at 4,440 rpm.
'308' V8 8-cylinderwith 240 hp.

Manual- standard in Premier with 3-speed column shift with full synchromesh.

Optional Transmissions:
4-speed manual in floor console (with synchromesh)
Powerglide automatic with either column or floor shift.

4 wheel hydraulic, duo servo with dual master cylinder feeding separate hydraulic systems for front and rear brakes.
Total effective lining area is 135.24 sq. ins.
Power brakes and power-assisted front disc brakes are optional.


Energy-absorbing steering column and shaft.
Recirculating ball steering gears, life lubricated.
Ratio 20.0:1.
Turning circle: 36.5 ft.
Optional power steering with 16.7:1 fast ratio steering gear.

Wheels and tires:
Short-spoke disc wheels with double-sided safety rims
Size-14" x 5.00JJ
Optional 6.00JJ rally wheels (only with radial or D70 tires).
tires: Tubeless 6.95 x 14 x 4 ply low profile tire .
Optional tires include whitewalls and redband, radial and premium.

Wheelbase 111.0"
Track front and rear 58.12"
Overall height 55.6"
Overall length 184.8"
Overall width 71.8"
Min. ground clearance 7.3"
Approx. weight 2,872 lbs. (add 95 lbs. for V8).
Holden HT Monaro
HT Monaro

HT Holden Monaro
Family cars aren't what they used to be. Thanks to General Motors Holden's, and their Monaro. The official description of Monaro as a fastback coupe is a long way from doing it justice. The car adds up to a lot more than that. The basic model is a combination of a fastback body, two big doors, front bucket seats, and handling with more precision than family car drivers have ever hoped to find.

But that is only the beginning. Because Holden have a custom features list as long as your arm, and a computer to build them into your car. So you can, if you like, turn your regular Monaro into whatever car you want it to be. From shopping basket to rally special.

There's a choice of 3 or 4 speed gearboxes, both all-synchromesh. And of Holden's smooth Powerglide automatic. You can have the control on the column; or in a floor console between the bucket seats. There's a choice of five engines. Three sixes, ranging from 114 to 145 hp. And two new high-efficiency V8's, designed and built in Australia, and priced as economically as they run.

There's the '253' with 185 hp, and the '308' with 240 hp. Other alternatives are limited slip diff., power brakes, power disc brakes, power steering, special instrumenntation, rally wheels and rubber, air conditioning, carpets, an electric clock, seat recliners, tinted or laminated windshields, fabric seat inserts, and choices of radios.

On the inside, the car lives up to all its promises. The seats are thick and soft, as they should be on a car which asks you to go a long way in a short time. There's ample room for five big adults; and probably no one has yet found out how many kids can sit in the back. The interior is fully trimmed and color keyed; even the head lining is harmonised with the outside paint you pick. Trim quality is high and not overdone; and detailing is excellent.

On the road, Monaro starts to flex its personality. Handling is precise without being over-sensitive; and the ride is excellent. One major plus of the car is its inbuilt safety. GMH have backed up their driving safety with a full accident safety package, more than anyone else around is offering. All the standard equipment, like lap/sash safety belts, exterior mirror, dual circuit brakes and safety padding is there; but there are unique GMH extras as well. Like an interior mirror that pops out of its mounting under impact. Side lights that really do protect your sides at night. And maybe best of all; a steering column that compresses slowly under impact.

GMH have sold the car as a sports machine for family budgets. And that's just what it is. So if you're in the market for a family car, don't decide before you've driven a Monaro. This is one time you can have your cake and eat it.

Engine: '161' six-cylinder (standard on Monaro)
6-cylinder bore and stroke 3.375 x 3.00 ins.
Capacity 161 cu. ins.
Max hp 114 @ 4,400 rpm
Compression ratio 9.2:1. SAE (or RAC) rating 27.3 hp

Optional Engines:
186 6 cylinder with 130 hp @ 4,400 rpm
186S 6 cylinder with 145 hp @ 4,600 rpm
253 V8-8 cylinder with 185 hp @ 4,600 rpm
308 V8-8 cylinder with 240 hp
350 V8-8 cylinder with 300 hp @ 4,800 rpm

3-on-column, all synchromesh, standard with all engines
Optional Transmissions include 4-speed manual in floor console (all synchro) or Powerglide automatic with either column or floor shift.


4-wheel hydraulic, with dual master cylinder
Total effective lining area 13.24 sq. ins.
Power brakes and power-assisted front disc brakes are optional

Energy-absorbing steering column and shaft
Recirculating ball steering glass, life-lubricated
Ratio: 20.0:1
Turning circle: 36.5 ft.

Wheels and tires:
Short-spoke disc wheels, size 5.00JJ x 14
Double-sided safety rims
Tubeless 6.95 x 14 x 4 ply low profile tires
Optional tires include Whitewalls and Redband, radial and premium.

Wheelbase: 111.0"
Track front and rear: 58.12"
Overall length: 184.8"
Overall height: 6-cylinder GTS 54.9", V8 GTS 55.0"
Overall width: 71.8"
Min. ground clearance: 7.3"
Approx. kerb weights: 2,897lbs. (add 95 lbs for V8)

Holden HT Monaro GTS
HT Monaro GTS

HT Holden Monaro GTS
Move ahead of your time, say the ads for Monaro. And if any car can do that for you, it's the Monaro GTS. Holden built their business around family cars that were easy to run, easy to look at, and easy to drive. The Monaro range was a departure. From their strong base in family cars, they decided to branch out a little. To build a car with less broad appeal, and a lot more individuality. A sport coupe. They call it Monaro, and it comes in two models. The Monaro and the Monaro GTS.

The basic model came as a two door fastback, with bucket seats, '186S' engine, four speed floor shift, and power disc brakes. Its made a lot of new friends for GMH because it rides well, handles well, performs well, stops well, and gives you a lot of good looks and luxury.

There are carpets door to door and front to back. The interior is fully trimmed and color keyed, from headdlining to padded horn rocker. The front seats are buckets, deeply foam padded and moulded for good location and long distance comfort. The doors swing wide and seat backs are secured by safety latches to make rear seat access easy.

But all this is only the beginning. Monaro lets you have it your own way with custom features, to adapt the GTS to your own personal style. There's a Powerglide automatic, combining a handsome floor console to take the strain of stop-go driving. There's a new '253' economy V8 with 185 hp. Made in Australia, it gives a lot more than it costs. Weight is light, and efficiency is high. Economy is as good as a 'six'.

And a big brother version with 240 hp, the '308'. Again, modern compact design lets it give a lot of power for the petrol. Both V8's are available with manual or automatic transmissions. Other custom features include air conditioning, tinted andlor laminated windshields, power steering, rally wheels and tires, soft trim roofs, seat recliners, heavy duty equipment, and fabric inserts for the seats. Butwhateveryou order the GMH computer gets it together and comes up with a well balanced motor car.

One of the major attractions of the Monaro is that it gives you sporty behaviour without losing any of the traditional Holden reliability. Parts, service and labour are easy to find and afford, and the life of the car is long. Monaro GTS Specifications:

Engine: '186S' standard on GTS
6-cylinder bore and stroke 3.625 x 3.00 ins.
Capacity 186 cu. ins.
Max hp 145 @ 4,600 rpm
Max torque 184 Ibs. ft. @ 2,400 rpm
Compression ratio 9.2:1. SAE (or RAC) rating 31.5 hp

Optional Engines:
253 V8-8 cylinder with 185 hp @ 4,600 rpm
308 V8-8 cylinder with 240 hp
350 V8-8 cylinder with 300 hp @ 4,800 rpm

186S" 4-on-the-floor all synchromesh gear shift
253 V8: 4-on-the-floor all synchromesh gear shift
308 V8: 4-on-the-floor all synchromesh gear shift
350 V8: 4-on-the-floor all synchromesh gear shift
Optional Powerglide automatic with floor change on all models


Power assisted front disc brakes and drum type rear brakes
Dual master cylinders feeding separate hydraulic systems for front and rear brakes

Energy-absorbing steering column and shaft.
Recirculating ball steering gears, life lubricated.
Gear ratio 16.7:1.

Wheels and tires:
Wheels are short spoke disc type
186S' GTS -5.00JJ x 14
V8 GTS - 6.00JJ x 14
Both have double sided safety rims

Tubeless 6.95L x 14, 4-ply Nylon Premium S tires with redband are standard on GTS
0704 x 14, 4-ply Nylon High-speed tires with red band are standard on V8 engined GTS

Wheelbase: 111.0"
Track front and rear: 58.12" for 6-cylinder GTS, 58.38" on V8 GTS
Overall length: 184.8"
Overall height: 6-cylinder GTS 54.9", V8 GTS 55.0"
Overall width: 71.8"
Min. ground clearance: 6-cylinder GTS-7.3", V8 GTS 7.4"
Approx. kerb weights: 6-cylinder GTS 2,947Ibs. V8 GTS 3,042Ibs.

HT Brougham

Unlike many cars which can trace their lineage back to the early days of motordom, the Brougham has a relatively short history. It was born as recently as mid-1968, along with Monaro, when GMH presented two completely new cars as extensions to the range of New Generation Holdens.

Not withstanding its lack of ancestry, the Brougham has already made a considerable impact on the luxury car market. This is hardly surprising in view of the high standards of luxury, quietness and comfort, and a price tag of less than $4,000. Few extras needed.

Apart from a radio, push-button windows and maybe airrconditioning, most of the things a buyer could want are already included as standard equipment. Included in the basic price are Powerglide automatic transmission, power steering, power-assisted front disc brakes and a distinctive vinyl covered roof in black or light saddle shades.

Costly cut pile carpet runs from wall to wall, extends to the lower door panels and also protects your luggage in the boot. Each door has its own courtesy light, so does the glove box and the boot. Interior fitments include woodgrain trim, and electric clock, padded horn bar and centre pillars, and an infinitely variable heater/ demister with two speed fan.

Distinctive Styling:
The second Brougham model, introduced by GMH in June, 1969, enhanced still further the styling distinction which Brougham owners enjoy. Flowing side contours, a long rear deck, new front grille and rear-end styling have little in common with other cars, including Holden. In two respects, however, Brougham is well and truly in the Holden family. One of these is safety.

The new Brougham has the full GMH safety package including energy-absorbing steering column, dual-circuit brakes and the new 'double-jointed' wiper blade that cleans a bigger area of glass in front of the driver.

The other is reliability. It should never be forgotten that Brougham is a GMH product with all that means in terms of technical resources and advanced engineering. There's another advantage, Brougham is sold and serviced by more than 600 Holden Dealers around Australia. And because it shares many of its parts with Holden, and has a similar service routine, you get the best of both worlds-a luxury car with family car running costs.

Power and Silence:
Powering the Brougham is an all-Australian 308 cubic inch V8 engine which develops 240 hp at 4800 rpm. This is 30 more hp than the first Brougham model, itself no mean performer. But the new engine also earns high marks for economy. It is light in weight, due to extensive use of aluminum. The big V8's smoothness and silence set the pattern for the rest of the car.

Sound-deadening compounds are lavishly applied wherever they can be effective. Chunky rubber mountings separate the passenger compartment from the drive train. The carpet underfelt is one inch thick to further dampen noise and vibration.

Lavish Seating:
Brougham's seats are deeply padded and have high backs for neck and shoulder support. Centre armrests, front and rear, swing down to turn wide bench seats into personal club chairs. The backs of the front seats are fitted with twin map pockets, in the manner of modern jet aircraft. Upholstery deserves special mention. It is a nylon-blend brocade in delicate tone-on-tone shadings.

Soft to the touch, but long-wearing and easy to care for. Despite its undoubted entitlement to luxury car status, Brougham's total length is only 16 feet 1 inch. So parking should never be a problem. And to buyers in this class of market, the price tag of less than $4,000 should be an even more pleasant surprise.

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