Holden Monaro Commercials: HK Monaro Teaser

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Holden HK Monaro "Teaser"

Times Have Changed
Australia (circa 1968)

This is where it's happening, right here in your world. Things aren't like they used to be. Times have changed, people aren't afraid to express themselves anymore - today’s people are dynamic, they live at a faster pace, individuality is a living thing.

Today’s world belongs to today’s people - its a winners world. Yes, this is where its happening, right here. And this is where its happening, and this is where its happening, its happening everywhere, happening with all the people that are just a little bit more forward looking.

A little bit more young in heart - to them life’s exciting, an adventure....and that’s the way they want their driving. To them a car is more than just transportation, its something very personal - an extension of themselves.

Sporting, modern as tomorrow, sophisticated - they want a car that looks like a performance machine, handles like a performance machine, goes like a performance machine.

Yes there are thousands of these sort of people everywhere - so what’s holding them back? How come there are fifty of these, for every one of these you see? Well you know what the answer is at present...people have the desire alright, and there’ve got the money, but not many of them have got it at $8000 a throw - and besides who wants the costly disadvantages of constant maintenance and special engine tune-ups. And who needs this kind of comfort?

No, what these people want, in fact what this country needs right now is a car that combines real around-town practicality, the comfort and convenience people are used to and a sensible moderate price-tag, with the lines and the handling of a true sports machine - and they haven’t been able to get it...But Now.

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