Holden Commercials: 48/215

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Holden 48/215

From Drawing Board to Production
Australia (circa 1948)

The Australian car passes over the same Belgium Block Pavement on its way to one of the many special hills at the proving ground. This is a 27 percent grade, a car climbs 27 feet for every 100 feet of forward travel.

The Australian car takes to the high speed lane for an engine performance test. It is powered by a six cylinder valve and head engine with a displacement of 132 and one half cubic inches. It has a bore of 3 inches, with a 3 and 1/8th inch stroke.

The engine has an SAE rating of 21 and 6/10ths horse-power, producing 54 brake horse-power at 4000 revolutions per minute.

From designing boards, from thorough research and from rigorous and exacting tests made at proving grounds, General Motors Engineering through commercial specifications supplied by the staff of General Motors Holden have produced this new automobile for Australia.

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