Holden Torana Commercials: Torana LX Hatchback

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Holden Torana LX Hatchback

Hatchback Launch
Australia (circa 1977)

If you want a personal car, but you need a back seat, we may have just what your've been looking for - Torana Hatchback. It's available in two versions, this Super Luxury SL and this sporty SS.

No matter what model you get, you get all this, a handy three door with a fold down floor.

A four seater, a three seater, a two seater, a neat little sleeper, a versatile carry-all, a gigantic shopping basket. Torana hatchback gives you comfort, convenience, utility and versatility, all in one great looking package. It's the next best thing to having a car and a half.

That's because Torana hatchback is really a genuine alternative to conventional cars, that was designed for your changing needs and wants. There's room for four, for three, or for just you, a friend, and half a car of...you name it.

Folding down the rear seats gives you an amazing amount of space, and it's all easy to get at through the big, convenient hatch. With the rear seats down there's almost 70 inches in length, and a full three feet of width, which adds up to plenty of like it invent it anything space. It's almost like having a wagon as a second car, and it opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Let's start at the end, it's easy up, easy down with a telescopic hatch lifter. There's a hidden storage compartment too, to help keep your valuables out of sight, out of mind. Another smart idea, this split level feature doubles as a handy carpeted load floor for your car fridge. The further you get into this ingenious car, the more you get out of it.

These hip-hugging full foam seats for example, were designed for support as well as comfort. There as comfortable as they are good looking, and there scientifically designed for support here, here and here. At your fingertips your've got a short throw 4 on the floor as standard equipment, or you can order the Tri-Matic automatic transmission.

Another hatchback feature you'll appreciate is the travelling music you get with this eleven transistor push button radio. It gives you music, news, weather reports and sports on the go, and helps make driving a real pleasure. Standard fan-boosted power ventilation comes along for the ride too, it keeps the air moving even when your not.

The air comes in here, and circulates through here, while the old air exits through these good looking air extractors. Inside you control the air flow, high speed or low, and you even control the air's direction. By now, your've surely noticed that a lot of the action centres around this good looking full length console, it's standard hatchback equipment too. Besides housing the radio, shifter and fan-boosted vents, it's also the control panel for your optional accessories.

Another big console advantage is that it makes a very comfortable high rise arm rest, as well as a very handy carpeted storage compartment. Speaking of carpet, you'll find the extra plush, and extra hush, of loop carpeting wall to wall, and door to door. More smart thinking, the light touch of stalk-mounted controls for dimming and flashing the high intensity headlights, as well as flashing the turn signals.

Easier to read instrumentation with International symbols, and the lay-back comfort of adjustable reclining front seats, for napping, relaxing, or for just plain watching the world go by. Here's more Torana smart thinking - under the hood is a spirited 6, or you can order your choice of 2 V8's. They all deliver a nice blend of performance, torque and economy.

Then there's the stability of Torana's wide stance, the agility of precise handling, rack and pinion steering, the steady smooth comfort of full coil suspension at all 4 wheels, and the stopping ability of power assisted front disc brakes. No doubt about it, with this machine there's no question of who's in control.

This super sport SS featues radial tires on sports style wheels, a soft grip sporty three-spoke steering wheel, a big tachometer, big map pockets in both doors, and special SS styling accents. Or you can order the super luxury model SL model for an extra dash of class. Outside the SL there are distinctive touches like the bright accents of special wheel covers, and a host of uniquely SL highlights. Inside this model features this handsome rosewood grained finished dash, highlighted by this easy to read electric clock.

Rosewood grain inserts are also featured on the soft-grip SL steering wheel. SL or SS, both Torana hatchbacks are Holden's, which means there both backed by Australia's biggest dealer network for the best service under the southern sun. And their both covered by Holden's 12 month 20,000 kilometer warranty. Last, but far from least, both Torana hatchback's come with somthing extra special, that costs a little extra.

This handy "Hatchback Hutch", first class accomodation, no reservations. It stowes away neatly and sets up beautifully, and it turns your hatchback into a mini camper in minutes. Ahh, your ready to really relax. Your've got 2 clear plastic side windows that convert into two fly-screen windows, that can be covered by two privacy drapes. And a full length zippered rear door. The Hatchback Hutch, smart thinking from Torana style, because after all, smart thinking is what Torana's all about
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