Holden Torana Commercials: Torana LX Hatchback

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Holden Torana LX Hatchback

Loaded With Smart Thinking (incl. Hatch Hutch)
Australia (circa 1977)

There's a big back door and a fold down floor with a boot that hollers out for more, new Torana Hatchback, loaded with smart thinking. Head's it's a beaut and tail's it's a boot and all the little ladies think it's cute, it's the next best thing to having a car and a half.

Torana - It's loaded with smart thinking... If you want a personal car, but you need a back seat, we may have just what your've been looking for - Torana Hatchback. No matter what model you get, you get all this, a handy three door with a fold down floor.

A four seater, a three seater, a two seater, a neat little sleeper. But Torana Hatchback's come with somthing extra special, that costs a little extra. This handy "Hatchback Hutch", first class accomodation, no reservations. And it turns your Hatchback into a mini camper in minutes.

Your've got 2 clear plastic side windows that convert into two fly-screen windows, and a full length zippered rear door. The Hatchback Hutch, smart thinking from Torana style.
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