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The 1959 Chevy Wagon Commercial...

General Motors
General Motors:

This small collection of promotional footage from General Motors is designed to demonstrate their committment to quality and safety. From the 1957 competition "Aim to Live", through to the 1970's interview with Willie Rawles, Utility Man working the production line, it is obvious that GM were proud and passionate about their cars. View >>
Holden - Turbo Smooth for the 1960's

Here are some wonderful Holden commercials, from the 48/215 right through to the HZ, and including the Statesman and Premier models. Our personal favorites are those for the HR, the "Saturday Kind of Car", and of course the "Turbo Smooth HQ". Many feature spectacular settings, Victoria's twelve apostles featuring in one HR commercial when most were still standing - but what do you make of a guy in a suit waiting as a bus stop in the middle of a beach? View >>
Holden HQ GTS Monaro
Holden Monaro:

The Monaro is a name uniquely etched into the psyche of any Australian motoring enthusiast. Finding success at Mount Panorama, and at the sales desks of Holden dealerships around the country, the Monaro was a symbol of everything that was great about Australia. Powerful, individual and jingoistic, the Monaro was the envy of many young car enthusiasts through the 1970’s. View >>

Nasco Holden Accessories
Holden Parts and Accessories:

If parts need replacing when you have your car serviced, insist on genuine Holden parts. Not much has changed over the years, but these old commercials featuring the wonderful EH help you realise just how much we all take for granted in a modern car. If you were to time travel back to the early 1960's, we are sure you would quickly become a fan of Nasco accessories. View >>

Holden Torana
Holden Torana:

By the late 1960's Australian's were quickly becoming two car families. The choice had been, until the Torana, a thorougly modern sedan as the principal vehicle, with a tired and outdated rust-bucket as the school delivery and shopping cart. Car manufacturers anticipated the growing affluence of Australia, and in the case of GMH filled the gap with a re-badged Vauxhall Viva. But, during the life of the Torana, things were to quickly change. View >>
Holden Gemini
Holden Gemini:

The Gemini is one of the most highly regarded small cars around, it building an enviable reputation for quality, handling and performance. The Gemini was a concoction of the best from global GM, it being designed in Germany and sourced from Isuzu Japan. Within a year of manufacture commencing in Australia, the little car would be named Car of the Year and top the sales charts! View >>
Holden Commodore
Holden Commodore:

The Holden Commodore was a watershed for the Australian car industry, the petrol crisis of the late 1970's figuring heavily in the General's decision to make the replacement for the HZ smaller, ligher and more economical. But best of all, the new Commodore set a benchmark for Australian built sedans, the Radial Tuned Suspension proving to be a revelation in the lighter and more nimble Commodore. View >>
Jaguar E-Type

As promised, here are some mid 1970's commercials for the most popular of the collectable Jaguar's, the immortal E-Type, the brutal S-Type and forever classic XJ. The E-Type is arguably the more collectable, the announcer compares it to the music of Bach and sculpture of Rodan, and who are we to argue. View >>
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