Ford Commercials: The Money Tree

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The Money Tree

with Ernie Ford
USA (circa 1959)

Say, did you ever see a money tree? Of course this is just a prop we had made up, but I'll bet you wish money really did grow on trees, especially out in front of wherever you stop for gas.

Seems now-days you can't even pay a friendly visit without parting with a five dollar bill - see! Well now there is a solution, and that's a brand new 1959 Ford. Now here is an all-togther new car with an all-togther new way of saving you money.

First, most standard '59 Ford engines, six and Thunderbird V8 will deliver top performance on regular gasoline - automatically that'll save you up to five cents per gallon.

Now, 'bout oil, it says right here in the Ford owners manual that you have to change oil only every four thousand miles, well this could cut your oil bill in half. What's more, every '59 Ford has a new aluminized muffler that'll normally last twice as long as conventional type muffler.

And you know, for the first time you can get a really low cost automatic drive within reach of everyone. Ford's new low priced Ford-O-Matic, and the big news is the extra mileage you'll get from every gallon of gas. Under here is the only modern six-cylinder engine in the industry, Ford's new "Mileage-Maker" six, its got a special short-stroke design that cuts down engine friction which means it'll deliver more power from less gas than any other six in America.

Drop down to your Ford dealers right away and get all the facts on all the ways you can save in a 1959 Ford.

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