Ford Commercials: Ford Thunderbird

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Ford Thunderbird

A Thunderbird is Adventure
USA (circa 1961)

Thunderbird. The Thunderbird is Adventure. The Thunderbird says Action, even with the brakes on. The Thunderbird is a promise, there shall be light wherever it goes.

Everyone has his "someday" car, for most of us this is it. The style of it, the power of it, this is the car for the connoisseur.

This is the night flight of a Thunderbird, powered by a big 350 horse power Thunderbird special V8, no other car handles or corners quite like the Thunderbird.

Between the wide guage of its wheels all roads run straight and true. This is a car of many values and infinite refinements.

In a word, a "Classic". Let there be a Thunderbird someday for you. Ask your Ford dealer when you can first take the wheel of the world's most wanted car.

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