Ford Commercials: The 1959 Ford's

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The 1959 Ford's

Proportioned For Your Budget
USA (circa 1959)

Here at the Brussel's World's Fair some took the high road, and some took the low road. Some travelled in large groups, and some 2 by 2.

This little vehicle wasn't very comfortable, but it was one way to move around economically. However a more practical way and a more American way made its appearance at the Fair one day.

It's the '59 Ford, the world's most beautifully proportioned car, a car that brings you a brand new kind of economy.

Of course the new Ford's don't pinch pennies like this little putt-putt, but they are engineered to save money on the kind of driving American's do.

For example, standard Ford engines, six or Thunderbird V8 run on low cost regular gasoline, saving you up to 5 cents a gallon.

You save because Ford equips every car with a full flow oil filter which means you have to change oil only every 4,000 miles.

And you save because every new Ford has an aluminized muffler that will normally last twice as long as conventional types. Test drive a '59 Ford and ask your Ford dealer to point out Ford's new money saving features one by one. Find out how the new Ford's for '59, the world's most beautifully proportioned cars are proportioned for your budget.

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