Renault Dauphine

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Renault Dauphine

Renault Dauphine

1956 - 1968
4 cyl.
845 cc
32 bhp
3/4 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
2 star
The Dauphine was, like its predecessor the 4CV, a unibody constructed vehicle.

The Dauphine however, was a four door sedan with conventionally opening doors, unlike the "suicide" doors of the 4CV.

The wheelbase of the Dauphine was six inches longer than the 4CV, and the overall length of the car was 12 inches longer.

The drivetrain arrangement was nearly identical to that of the 4CV (rear engine, water cooled, in-line four), but the engine capacity was raised from 760cc to 845cc, and the horsepower was increased from 19hp to 32hp. 0-60mph time was calculated by Road and Track magazine to be an amazing 32 seconds!

Over the years that the Dauphine was produced (1956-1968), a few "high performance" options were available. For the 1957 model year Amedee Gordini engineered a version of the Dauphine with certain engine modifications that increased the horsepower about 20%, from 32hp to 38hp.

In 1961 the Gordini Dauphine's horsepower was upped again, this time to 40hp. The Gordini Dauphine had special trim and a special green & black steering wheel to distinguish it from the standard Dauphine.

The Ondine was a luxury version of the Dauphine sold during 1961 & 1962. It featured a four speed transmission, upgraded wheels and designer interiors.

The ultimate factory-built Dauphine was the 1093, introduced in 1962. It was a limited edition, with only about 1000 built.

Several powerplant enhancements tweaked 55hp out of the 845cc engine. The color scheme of the 1093 was white with two narrow blue racing stripes from nose-to-tail. There were also "1093" decals applied to the body.

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