Renault Fregate

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Renault Fregate

1951 - 1960
4 cyl. OHV
1996 cc
62 bhp / 46 kw
4 spd. man
Top Speed:
137 km/h
Number Built:
3 star
Renault Fregate
Most commentators of the day felt the Fregate was Renaults attempt to move "up market", an ambitious attempt given the company was still under the control of the French Government following its incestuous relationship with the 3rd Reich.

Launched at the end of 1951, many "models" of the Fregate would emerge during the cars production life, including the Fregate (1951-52), Fregate Affaires (1953-55), Fregate Amiral (1953-58), Fregate 2 liter (1956-56), Fregate Grand Pavois (1956-58), Fregate Caravelle (1957-57) and finally, the Fregate Transfluide (1959-60).

The car was first fitted with a 1.996 ci engine producing 62 bhp (46 kw) , and in 1954 the compression ratios were raised (subsequently increasing the performance of the motor).

The pretty Fregate Caravelle model of 1957 was arguably the best of the lineup, coming equipped with a 2.141 ci engine producing 77 bhp. Most people, however, will remember the Fregate as the last of the front-engined, rear-drive cars made by Renault.

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