Renault Commercials: Renault Dauphine

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Renault Dauphine

Handy as Roller Skates
USA (circa 1961)

But then, there's another handy way to get around and have fun doing it - the Renault Dauphine - the car made in France to make driving fun again! Balloons please. Now there's lots to talk about so lets make the camera go fast - watch for the fun car with the baloons.

First, see the Dauphine's manouverability in traffic - look how it gets around, how it corners - the special axle design does that. And see how it accelerates and climbs, driving economy - gets up to 40 miles per gallon.

Parking - huh - the big car couldn't get in this space, but watch this. With the Renault Dauphine everybody's an expert. Lots of room for you to park inside, handy as roller-skates and twice the fun.

Even has a city horn, and a country horn - that's the Renault Dauphine. At any of 600 coast-to-coast sales, service and parts headquarters - won't you try!

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