Renault 10

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Renault 10

1965 - 1971
4 cyl.
960 cc
44/50 bhp
3/4 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
2 Star
by Johanna Patterson

If you took the time to take more than a casual glance at the Renault 10, you would quickly realise just how magnificiently proportioned and well engineered this wonderful car was, its sleek thoroughbred lines, its discreet touches of chrome. It was beautiful, elegant and restrained, a beauty that was so typically French.

From the broad rectangular headlamps (the Renault 10 was the first car to be built in Australia with this expensive new styling; the new shape providing more effective light for better night driving). It was also equipped with side indicators, in addition to those at front and rear.

However the Renault 10 was not just a pretty bit of coachwork. Under the hood lurked the world famous Renault Sierra 1100 engine with its 5-bearing crank­shaft and 4-speed fully synchromesh gearbox, with ratios calculated to make the most of the engine's superb qualities.

The Renault 10 also featured 4 independently suspended wheels and 4 powerful disc brakes to give perfect roadholding and braking safety. It had four coil springs and four telescopic shock absorbers, - all of which made the car extremely flexible and efficient suspension for a comfortable ride over the worst of Aussie roads.

With its 85 mph top speed, its powerful acceleration and remarkable steadiness on cornering, the Renault 10 was made for fast driving without sacrificing safety to speed, or comfort to performance.

The interior of the car was intelligently designed to combine comfort with safety. There was a padded recessed dash, non-protruding door handles, childproof door locks, lap and sash seat belts as standard equipment as well as heater, demister and cooler system, fresh air vents and the famous Renault seats designed to conform perfectly to your body - soft, yet resilient to support hour after hour and alleviate driving fatigue.

The front seats were fully adjustable and could convert to a camping body if required. The Renault 10 had a rear mounted engine driving the rear wheels. It was a vertical, water-cooled 4 cylinder and had replaceable bore liners - a nice feature at overhaul time which helped keep running costs and complexity low.

The sealed cooling system and wet sleeve engine were designed to cope with all extremes of temperature, a real European influence. In the Australian snow country or deserts, the Renault 10 needed no water refills. The four wheel disc brakes were widely acclaimed as being among the best available on any car.

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