Holden HR

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Holden HR

1966 - 1968
6 cyl.
161/186 6 cyl; 3.05 "X2
95kW (186)
3 & 4 spd man. & 2 spd Powerglide
Top Speed:
Number Built:
3 star
Basically a face-lift of the previous model, GM's US stylists redesigned the somewhat unpopular HD shape and came up with one much more appealing to the Australian public.

The redesign included vertical tail-lights, a sharper nose and moving the front parking lights from under the bumper to become integral with the grille.

The track was now wider, and the bodywork featured a new rear window, a reworked roofline and squared off headlamp surrounds.

Inside, Holden developed a more luxurious trim which included wood grain for the Premier, the addition of front seat belts, a shatterproof interior mirror and windscreen washers.

On top of these standard features, the NASCO range of accessories increased and now included such options as power steering, front-wheel disc brakes and a limited-slip differential.

Immediately more popular than the outgoing HD, the resultant sales surge saw many more HR's being sold than HD's.

The 'HR' was also afforded a longer production run than the HD, being manufactured between 1966 and 1968, and was the first to offer capacity enlargement in standard engines since the introduction of the red motor in the EH.

The 179 became the 186, and the 149 was increased to 161 cubic inches. The factory performance option, the 'X2', was continued with the HR, now pushing 145 HP thanks to the increase in cubic inches.

As with the HD, the X2 was optional on all models, and vehicles fitted with this motor also received a special instrument cluster with proper gauges for monitoring engine temp, oil pressure, amps and volts instead of the usual tell tale lights.

The HR came standard with a three speed manual or with an optional two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission. Also, for the first time by Holden, a floor shift 4 speed manual was available as a special order. The gearbox used was actually an Opel box, and proved unreliable and not up the power of the six cylinder Holdens, especially when fitted to the performance motors.

Turbo Smooth Holden For '66 (3 Tracks)

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