Holden FC

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General Motors Holden

Holden FC

1958 - 1960
6 cyl.
2262 cc
53 kW
3 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
3 star
The FC created a major milestone in the history of GM-H when on the 22nd of October 1958 it became the 500,000 Holden to be produced since the FX (48-215).

It was also the first time Holden had produced more than 100,000 units in a year and its market share was over 50% with its nearest rival being just half this.

As with the introduction of the FJ, Holden had learnt that to revise or "facelift" a model half way through its life would maintain interest and therefore sales.

And so the FC was simply an improved version of the FE, and following the FX to FJ formula it sported more chrome and a more elegant grille, which incorporated the parking lights (in all models) and indicators (Specials only) at either end of the lower bar.

Once again chrome fins were mounted on the rear guards, and extra brightwork was added to side panels for the Specials.

The interior now featured better seat and door trims and a new vertical-bar radio-speaker grille. The FC's interior trim featured more pleating than the FE's by using narrower strips on the seats.

The drivers seating position was improved and the new steering wheel with a half horn ring (instead of the FE's full ring) made for better visibility of the instruments. GMH didn't stop there, and added extra "hooding" around the instruments to help cut down on distracting reflections.

Two-toned paint styling on Specials was made possible by stainless steel side flash trims separating the colors.

Over the period of this model 3 different permutations of car color were employed. There were minor changes to the engine to improve torque and some refinement to the suspension and brakes to improve the vehicles driveability.

Wheels magazine claimed the FC Holden as "a worthy continuance of the combination of features which made the previous model so popular...the designers have steered an excellent course through the paths of compromise...Holden has far fewer faults than many cars with higher price tags and imposing overseas origins".

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