Holden FE

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General Motors Holden

Holden FE

1956 - 1958
6 cyl.
2262 cc
53 kW
3 spd. man
Top Speed:
Number Built:
3 star
The FE brought an all new body shape for 1956, with modern looks and a roomier interior thanks to the longer wheelbase.

There were many improvements, such as the introduction of a 12 volt electrical system (replacing the previous 6 volt system), engine modifications that included the use of bigger valves, and compression was lifted to 6.8:1 upping the power to 53kw instead of the usual 45kw.

Steering was improved with a new design, fully sealed, recirculating-ball steering box and new linkages, a front stabiliser bar added, wider wheel rims (4.5 inches) shod with 6.40 x 13 tires. Clutch and brake pedals were changed from floor mounted to pendant type.

GMH recognised that buyers wanted their cars to be an individual statement about themselves, and so introduced new color schemes and models - in fact seven distinct models were now available including, in 1957, the introduction of a station wagon (at the time referred to as a "Station Sedan").

The dash was all new with a large centre-mounted radio speaker grille, full-circle horn ring, relocated instruments and controls and a larger, lockable glovebox.

Specials had blinkers as standard equipment with the rear blinker flashing the stop light. Nasco options included reversing lights, windscreen washers, and a front screen demister.

Last but not least amoung the improvements for the FE was the single peice windscreen for better visibility.

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