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Over the coming months we hope to be able to provide you with more original brochures from the manufacturers. Of course, if you have a brochure and are prepared to share it with visitors to this site we would be appreciative! As the documents on these pages are in .pdf format, you will need the free Adobe reader software to view it. If you need to get this, visit the Adobe web site by clicking here...

Mercedes Benz 230E  
Mercedes Benz 230E (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 253k
"There has never been an inexpensive Mercedes-Benz". The 230E introduced the M102 fuel injected engine, producing 136bhp capable of propelling it from 0 to 100 km/h in around 11.5 seconds.
Mercedes Benz 280E  
Mercedes Benz 280E (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 289k
Using the same 123 E28 body as the 230E, the 280E offered better performance from its larger 6 cylinder engine along with some desirable options such as electric sun-roof. Best of all the Bosch K-Tronic fuel injection system used on the "S" class sedans was brought over to this, the cheapest Mercedes 6 cylinder model available.
Mercedes Benz 300D  
Mercedes Benz 300D (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 273k
Mercedes had been developing diesel driven cars for years, and in 1986 the 300D was the pinnacle of their development. With some 2 million diesels sold, Mercedes were justifiably proud of the 300D. This sales brochure that will convince you that, even 20 odd years ago, buying a Mercedes diesel did not mean forfeiting luxury, style and quality.
Mercedes Benz 280CE  
Mercedes Benz 280CE (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 268k
The beautiful 280CE, a car that to this day remains a statement in style and class. Stunning from every angle, they are today highly sought after by collectors and even those seeking an "every day car". Why? Take a look at this brochure which we are sure will convince you that the CE was no ordinary car.
Mercedes Benz 230TE Station Wagon  
Mercedes Benz 230TE Station Wagon (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 287k
As Mercedes described it themselves, "The Mercedes-Benz of station wagons". Mercedes have long been the pioneers in manufacturing luxury wagons, built to their same exacting standards as their sedans. The 230TE was also one of the first "people movers", featuring an optional rear facing seat for two giving the TE seating capacity for seven.
Mercedes Benz 280SE  
Mercedes Benz 280SE (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 284k
The W126 280SE may have been the entry point to the executive saloon class, but the new body had an amazingly low drag co-efficient of 0.38 and had shred some 50 kilograms over the previous model making it a top performer too.
Mercedes Benz 380SE  
Mercedes Benz 380SE (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 294k
For the first time, the SE range was available with the 3.8 liter all alloy V8 engine previously reserved for the "S" class sedans.
Mercedes Benz 380SEC  
Mercedes Benz 380SEC 1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 266k
The "S" class coupe, highly desirable, highly luxurious, damn fast. Mercedes coupes have always been eye catchers, and this was no exception. And as you will read, the SEC did not share a single body panel with others from the "S" class range.
Mercedes Benz 380SL  
Mercedes Benz 380SL (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 276k
The 107 SL body shape had been in production for some 13 years, but the timeless design of this classic remained as elegant in 1984 as it did in 1971. Indeed, the 107 SL's today still look deceptively modern and elegant, a design that has and will stand the test of time. Read the brochure, then admit you want one!

Mercedes Benz 300GD  
Mercedes Benz 300GD (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 335k
7 years in the making, the 300GD was highly accomplished as a 4WD, but lacked the prestige 'cache' at the private school car park to ensure its success (something to which the "M" class is much more adept).
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