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Over the coming months we hope to be able to provide you with more original brochures from the manufacturers. Of course, if you have a brochure and are prepared to share it with visitors to this site we would be appreciative! As the documents on these pages are in .pdf format, you will need the free Adobe reader software to view it. If you need to get this, visit the Adobe web site by clicking here...

Mazda Capella 1600  

Mazda Capella 1600 (1975)
Pages: 8 Size: 1314k
The Mazda Capella 1600 was the quintessential Japanese car of the mid 1970's. The designers of the day captured the fashions and trends, at a time when making a car look sporty meant painting the steel wheels black and adding chrome wheel nuts (we are sure many would have added Aunger louvres to the rear window, to make the Capella a real head-turner). Thankfully the fashion of the day has yet to make a comeback, otherwise we will be wearing checked pants, white buckle up shoes with matching white jackets!

Mazda 121  

Mazda 121 (1982)
Pages: 9 Size: 1359k
A classy coupe, with lashings of interior features and quality trim. Today we may well laugh at the burgundy velour trim, but how many cars are fitted with a real wood steering wheel?, (ok - perhaps none now that air bags are the norm). The Mazda 121 was an upmarket car, feature rich and quality built. It is a shame then that so few have survived to this day.

Mazda 626  

Mazda 626 (1982)
Pages: 5 Size: 1223k
While the original 626 is far from collectable, the car did bring a level of quality and reliability to Mazda much as the Civic brought to Honda. Our thanks to Neil from Endeavour Hills, Victoria for supplying his original brochure. Surprisingly, Neil still has the car that goes with his original brochure, and he added the following..."I certainly would not have anything good to say about the so called trusty 626 - 4 engines and only 292,000KM. I think that says it all." Nevertheless, Neil still uses the 626 as his every day transport and, having viewed the condition of the car first hand, it stands as testament to the very high build quality that Mazda introduced with this model.

Mercedes Benz - Engineered like no other  

Mercedes Benz - Engineered like no other (1984)
Pages: 4 Size: 637k
From active and passive safety, the anti-lock braking system and innovation in engine technology, Mercedes has been at the forefront of design. Click here to view this fantastic brochure and, if you don't drive one, you will wish you did...

Mercedes Diesels  
Mercedes Diesels (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 253k
Mercedes committment to the diesel engine dates back to 1936, although many Australians still seem to have an aversion to the "oil burners". It is predicted that sales of diesel powered cars in Europe will outnumber traditional petrol driven cars in the next few years, proving the Mercedes committment was well founded.
Mercedes Quality Control  
Mercedes Quality Control (1984)
Pages: 1 Size: 158k
In 1984, one in ten production line staff at Mercedes were involved with quality control - this at a time when the phrase "inbuilt obsolesence" was quickly being adopted by many corporates. Cars had become simply boxes on wheels in the mid 80's, except if you drove one with a three pointed star atop the grille.
Mercedes Benz In Pursuit of Absolute Excellence  

Mercedes Benz In Pursuit of Absolute Excellence (1984)
Pages: 2 Size: 326k
This fascinating brochure gives an insight into the philosophy at Mercedes-Benz, and their quest to ensure their marque is not only seen as a innovator, but as a leader in quality without compromise. This is as fascinating to read today as it was in 1984.

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