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Over the coming months we hope to be able to provide you with more original brochures from the manufacturers. Of course, if you have a brochure and are prepared to share it with visitors to this site we would be appreciative! As the documents on these pages are in .pdf format, you will need the free Adobe reader software to view it. If you need to get this, visit the Adobe web site by clicking here...

Morris Marina  
Morris Marina
Pages: 5 Size: 526k
In our car gallery pages we mention the Marina as being one of the English cars that paved the way for the successful domination of the Japanese car makers in the Australian market. And if you don't think wer'e right, take a look at this brochure featuring, of all things, a Japanese businessman. This, fortunately, did not give the car any extra credibility.
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III & Bentley S3  
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III & Bentley S3 (1965)
Pages: 1 Size: 352k
The Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III of 1965 was well out of the reach of the ordinary person. This US ad dating back to 1965 would perhaps try to convince us otherwise.
Saab 96  
Saab 96 (1967)
Pages: 5 Size: 891k
The Saab 96 remains a classic statement in style and innovation. Safe, well built, and featuring a fabulous V4 engine, the Saab 96 is today highly prized by collectors all over the globe.
Saab 96 Specifications  
Saab 96 Specifications (1967)
Pages: 5 Size: 1229k
Saab 96 Specifications (1967) Pages: 5 Size: 1229k Dual circuit disc brakes, safety steering column, seat belts. The list of safety features on a 1967 Saab 96 was very extensive for the time.
Saab 96 Estate  
Saab 96 Estate (1967)
Pages: 3 Size: 615k
While this brochure covers the weight and carrying capacity of the Saab 96 estate wagons, the middle page has a great image of the 1967 Saab range which is well worth a look.
Saab 96 V4  
Saab 96 V4 (1971)
Pages: 9 Size: 1327k
The 1971 facelift and updates to the 96 made an already good car even better. But as you will see, upgrades to the interior (mostly necessitated by Saab increasing the safety aspects of the car) created a cabin that could be mistaken for almost any other car - unlike the beautifully finished interior of the previous model.
Toyota Corona  

Toyota Corona (1966)
Pages: 7 Size: 1938k
The first mainstream Japanese car to make inroads on the Australian market, the Toyota Corona Mk.1 was spartan and unrefined, even though this brochure would try to convince us otherwise. Did anyone really believe the interior was upholstered in "vinyl leather"? To help save money, even the turn indicator stalk was integrated into the horn ring, making for one less component to manufacture and install. Nevertheless, the original Corona was both durable and reliable, and at £1013 driveaway was considered by many Australians as a bargain.

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