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Over the coming months we hope to be able to provide you with more original brochures from the manufacturers. Of course, if you have a brochure and are prepared to share it with visitors to this site we would be appreciative! As the documents on these pages are in .pdf format, you will need the free Adobe reader software to view it. If you need to get this, visit the Adobe web site by clicking here...

Holden HQ Accessories  
Holden HQ Accessories (1972)
Pages: 12 Size: 1558k
We admit it - we have a soft spot for the HQ (it features in our "Top 5" Aussie collectables list!). When it was released it looked and felt thoroughly modern, and the accessories list allowed the purchaser to further glamorise their car. Today we expect as standard such things as an anti-glare rear view mirror, and for many years it has been compulsory for all new cars to be fitted with a left hand exterior mirror.
Holden HX Accessories
Holden HX Accessories (1976)
Pages: 6 Size: 748k
Accessorising your Holden has always been popular, although things have changed a little since 1976. Today we would choose alloys and a spoiler, then it was wheel trim rings and a hood ornament. Strange how the fuel economy indicator light never really took off though!
Holden HX Ute
Holden HX Ute (1976)
Pages: 6 Size: 1322k
Australia was the birthplace of the Ute, and it has remained incredibly popular with the young generation ever since. One of the reasons has undoubtedly been their price advantage over the family sedan, and their ability to lug youthful toys such as trail bikes and the like. To our knowledge, Australia remains as the only country to have an official Ute "muster", held annually at Deniliquin in country New South Wales. Here the lads will happily demonstrate their ability to preform "Circle Work" - usually enhanced with the addition of fellow enthusiasts hollering from the back, one hand holding on (to a tinnie of course). While this brochure features several images from a country farm, the addition of the "Sandman" complete with a young couple about to go scuba diving leaves no doubt the marketing team at GM had realised the full potential of the Ute.
Holden HX Kingswood
Holden HX Kingswood (1976)
Pages: 6 Size: 996k
Football, Meat Pies and Holden Cars. Many will remember the jingle from the 70's, a time when the Kingswood epitomised the transportation of the typical Aussie family. GM was accustomed to doing battle with Ford and Chrysler, however 1976 would herald the emergence of a new threat - this time from Japanese carmaker Datsun with the release of the extremely popular 180B. The Kingswood had enjoyed the title as "Australia's Most Popular Car", but with purchasers forced to 'option' the AM radio it is little wonder that the Datsun, equipped with far more standard features, would make a dent in the Kingswoods sales.
Holden HX Wagon
Holden HX Wagon (1976)
Pages: 6 Size: 535k
The Holden Station Wagon had been a favorite since it was introduced in the FE lineup back in 1956. Unashamedly aimed at the family man, they were the pre-cursor to today's people movers, offering seating for 6 and a far greater carrying capacity over the traditional sedan. With sales of the traditional Station Wagon on the decline, some lament the rise in popularity of today's "People Mover". The HX Wagon's front bench seat was certainly not the last word in comfort, but it did afford a seating capacity of 6, and the wagon was far better able to blend into mainstream 9 to 5 traffic without blowing your "Family Man" cover.
Holden HX Premier
Holden HX Premier (1976)
Pages: 6 Size: 2001k
In 1976 the Premier was considered by many as the perfect compromise between family and luxury sedans. Sitting between the forever popular Kingswood and the upmarket Statesman’s, the "Prem" oozed class in a less overt way than its larger brother – while creating a distinctive upper class appearance to the Kingswood’s and Belmont’s.
Hudson Super Six Runabout Landau
Hudson Super Six Runabout Landau (1918)
Pages: 1 Size: 397k
Here is an adaptable, economical model for the driver who needs a two-passenger car and wants it attractively distinctive at all times. So says the ad for the Hudson Super Six of 1918. It finishes "anticipate your future needs by placing your order at once" - Right-i-o then.
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