Oldsmobile Commercials: Seventy B-44

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Oldsmobile presents

The Dynamic Seventy B-44
USA (circa 1942)

Dynamic is the word for it. The Oldsmobile B-44 "Series 70", offered either as a 100hp six or a 110hp eight. It's big, it's husky, it's modernly streamlined and it's quality through and through.

Did you ever see a car with smoother lines? Even when it's standing still it looks as though it were going places. And did you ever see a more comfortable interior?

Plenty of room here for 3 to ride at ease. Is it price your asking about? Far less than you might think!

The Oldsmobile B-44 Dynamic Cruiser sells in the field of popular price - and it's a car that will be popular with you for many years to come.

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