Oldsmobile Commercials: 1948 Futuramic

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Oldsmobile presents

1948 Futuramic
USA (circa 1948)

In the truly modern home or the truly modern car, it's functional design that counts. Smart styling is styling with a purpose, as seen in this 1948 "Futuramic" Oldsmobile.

uturamic is a brand new word created to describe this brand new post-war General Motors car.

Luxuriously appointed inside and out, the Futuramic Oldsmobile brings truly modern post-war design to the automotive field.

There's utility as well as beauty in every smart detail, there's the safety of greater visibility, there's automatic shifting too and no cluth pushing thanks to GM Hydramatic drive.

The smart way to go is the Automatic way, in a Futuramic Oldsmobile.

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