Oldsmobile Commercials: Magic Carpet Hydra-Matic

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Oldsmobile presents

Motorings "Magic Carpet" Hydra-Matic:
USA (circa 1942)

Did you ever realise how many motions it takes to drive a car with a conventional transmission? Watch closely - she's ready to start on her drive.

With one hand she steers, the other manipulates the gear-shifter. One foot operates the clutch, the other feeds the gas and there you are.

After 19 distinct manual operations she's finally under-way. Not so with Oldsmobile's Hydra-Matic drive.

There's no clutch pedal to push, and the usual gear-shifter is replaced by this simple direction selector. Just set the selector at Drive, then step on the accelerator and your off.

All shifting is automatic, Oldsmobile's Hydra-Martic is simplicity it'self.

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