Oldsmobile Commercials: Custom 8 Cruiser B-44

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Oldsmobile presents

The Custom 8 Cruiser B-44
USA (circa 1942)

Big, broad shouldered, commanding - in the true military manner. That's the Oldsmobile B44 Series 90, known as the Custom Cruiser.

Its been called the finest 8 in the field of medium price, and it has the look that spells long lasting quality. Here's true stamina styling, styling that will last along with the car.

Styling that takes its beauty from true sturdiness of design, and for those who like the super-streamlined touch, here's the handsome gracefull "Custom Cruiser Club Sedan".

Performance? Try where you will to match it! For the B44 Custom Cruiser has an engine of greater firepower - its designed throughout to help keep a busy America on the move.

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