Holden Monaro Commercials: HQ Monaro GTS

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Holden HQ Monaro GTS 4 Door

with Peter Brock
Australia (circa 1973)

At the New South Wales Police Driver Training Circuit, Bathurst winner Peter Brock tests the new Holden Monaro GTS 4 Door. "Well this sort of motor car is my type of car. You turn the steering wheel, the car turns; you put your foot on the brakes, it stops.

The four speed gearbox, its got beautiful ratios. The right gear for every corner, the right gear for every passing move. That's V8 power up the hill - there's nothing like it.

You get every bit of power on the road. I think the thing that impresses me about this new car more than anything else is that it's so stable and predictable. It's quite an effortless car to drive, beautiful down through here.

For a guy who likes and understands motor cars, this new Monaro GTS 4 door does everything better than most. It makes you enjoy motoring all over again." Open it up for excitement, new Holden Monaro GTS 4 door, it's the Great way to Move.

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