Holden Commercials: Holden FE

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Holden FE

Happier Family Motoring
Australia (circa 1956)

Whether your family is small, or large like this one, you'll enjoy the smoothest most comfortable motoring at the lowest cost in a Holden.

The spacious luggage compartment completely fills your holiday needs, inside Holden comfortably seats six people.

Lets see just how roomy and how comfortable Holden really is. See how wide Holden seats are, how comfortably you sink back into them, how much leg room there is.

Two more reasons for Holden's deep relaxing comfort are the soft foam padding and proven "Z" type seat springs that give you a smooth pleasant ride wherever you go.

Yes how proudly you'll drive a Holden, for Holden combines all the things that make going places so much more fun, roominess for six, space for all your luggage, wide clear vision and smooth silent riding.

In comfort as in all the things that make for happier family motoring, you get more for your money in Holden, Australia's own car.

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