Holden Commercials: Holden FE

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Holden FE

Australia's Ideal Family Car
Australia (circa 1956)

Holden, Australia's ideal family car, gives you the maximum in sure safe road holding and ease of steering. Both men and women drivers, but particularly women, will appreciate the way the graceful steering-wheel is positioned to give the utmost steering comfort.

Holden's steering system embodies recirculating ball bearings, replacing the friction of sliding contact between parts with a smooth rolling movement. Recirculating ball-bearings in the steering box mean lighter smoother steering, a feeling of positive control that takes the effort out of parking for even the slimest wrists.

Holden's magnificent road holding and ease of handling are the result of several important engineering improvements...longer wheelbase, lower height, wider front track, the front suspension incorporating a stabilizer bar that really takes the roll out of corners.

Watch how Holden performs as a GMH test driver subjects Holden to road holding and steering tests far beyond the demands of everyday use. Notice the absence of roll, the sure way Holden hugs the road, how swiftly and precisely you can handle a Holden when it's necessary?

Why not let your dealer arrange for you to drive a Holden? To drive Holden yourself is to discover why in economy, dependability, performance, styling and comfort you get more for your money in Holden - Australia's own car.

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