Ford Commercials: Mr. Hunts new '58 Ford

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Mr. Hunts new '58 Ford

Oh Yes-Siree That's a Lot of Engine
USA (circa 1958)

Hi there, you know I've been meeting a lot of interesting Ford owners on my vacation, and I thought you might like to hear from one. This is Mr. Clarence Hunt of Twin Falls, Oregon.

Now you go right ahead Mr. Hunt, you tell 'em just what you told me 'bout how there's no sence paying all that money for one of those high priced cars, when you can get everything you want in a '58 Ford.

Now take style, like you said, this Fairlane 500 has got the prettiest lines this side of the Thunderbird. In fact, that's just where they came from. Say do you mind if I sit a while here in your car Mr. Hunt? Oh no.

Well now look, don't forget to tell 'em how every Ford has safety glass in every window, and about how you got the all new V8 engine that powers the Thunderbird. Oh yes-siree that's a lot of engine. Quiet, well behaved, always ready to do what you want it to do.

When it comes to knowin' how to build a V8 engine you just cant beat a Ford. Hey, I see your've got Cruise-A-Matic drive.

Well then your sure getting the most miles for your money, teamed with T-Bird's V8 it'll save you as much as 15 cents on every gas dollar. Now isn't that about what you figure Mr. Hunt? And lookey here, power steering, power windows, a radio, boy you got the works - that's just wonderful. Well when you buy a low priced Ford your've got money left over for extra's.

But like you said Mr. Hunt, why buy a stripped down bottom of the line medium priced car when for much less money you can get a big fully equipped Ford like this? Did you want to say somethin' else? Would it be alright if I waved to my family in Twin Falls? Why after that testimonial, anything Mr. Hunt, anything, as a matter of fact I think I'll join you.

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