Ford Commercials: The '58 Ford

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The '58 Ford

The Only Car to Lower Prices This Year
USA (circa 1958)

This is Mrs. William Harker, of Pleasentville, New York. Recently the Harker's bought a 1958 Ford Station Wagon. Why Ford?; Well let's ask her. For one thing, I think it's the newest and smartest Station Wagon there is, and it's so easy to drive and park.

Oh, and another important reason was the price, we shopped them all and we found out that Ford offers the lowest priced Station Wagon of the low priced three, we were really amazed.

The Harker's Country Sedan is one of six low priced Ford Station Wagons, including the two-door Ranch Wagon, the lowest priced of them all. Here's another new Ford owner, Mr. Al White of San Rocita, California. Why did you choose a Ford Mr. White?

Well I'm sort of a big on performance, and I don't think anyone knows how to build a better V8 engine than Ford. I've got the big new Interceptor V8 in this car and it really delivers.

The clincher is always the price tag, why do you know this new Sunliner is actually the lowest priced convertible in the country. Easy to see, isn't it, why the Ford Sunliner has been America's favorite convertible for years.

Now meet Mr. Bob Thomas of Toledo, Ohio, proud owner of a new Ford Custom 300, here's his story. I'm a travelling salesman, on the go all the time. I bought a Ford so I'd be comfortable while I'm going from place to place, 'cause this car really rides smooth. I saved money too, this Custom 300 is the lowest priced car of the low price three - costs even less than last year. Now how could I turn down a deal like that?

Two door or Four door, the Custom 300 is the lowest priced car of the low price three, see your Ford dealer soon, and see how much you get and how much you save with a '58 Ford. The only car in the industry to lower prices this year.

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