Ford Commercials: Ford Fairlane 500

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Ford Fairlane 500

Which Model Fairlane is Right for You?
USA (circa 1958)

Say, looks like young Chuck Green got himself a new Ford, and one of those big beautiful Ford Fairlane 500's too. He must have moved up in the world fast. Hey Chuck, how come the new Ford?

Because I'm a smart trader, that's how come. You know right now Ford dealers need room for next years models so there making real good deals on this years models - and I took advantage of the situation to get just the kind of car I've always wanted. But a Ford Fairland 500 Chuck, all that luxury?

Well I happen to like luxury, don't you? Look, I got the works, power steering, power brakes, power windows, automatic transmission, everything. Notice the good looking fabric I picked too.

And white walls, two-tone paint job, I didn't hold back a bit. A man doesn't have to hold back the way there making trades on these Ford Fairlane 500's today.

Maybe you ought to think about getting one. Sure, think it over, but don't take too long, because the time to get the Ford Fairlane 500 of your dreams is now. For instance, you can get this long, low, glamorous Ford Fairlane 500 Hardtop, either 2 door or 4 door, which ever you choose, or this might be just the opportunity your've been waiting for to get a brand new Sunliner, Ford's contribution to sunshine living and a favorite convertible everywhere.

Or perhaps you would rather have one of Ford's beautifully styled Fairlane 500 sedan's, again you can have a choice of either 2 door or 4 door models. Yes, here's your chance to get a car you'll be really proud of, in a deal of a lifetime, with Thunderbird V8 power, plus all the extra's needed for luxury driving, these Ford Fairlane 500's are available right now - but hurry, they wont last long - see your Ford dealer today!

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