Ford Commercials: Miracle on Main Street

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Miracle on Main Street

with Ernie Ford:
USA (circa 1957)

Now, the Ernie Ford players present "Miracle on Main Street", starring...well you know what kind of a car this is, cause there's not another like it in the world. This is the fabulous Ford Skyliner in person.

You know, I own a Skyliner like this one and I've probably put the top up and down a hundred times, but still every time I push the button that starts all this goin', I get as excited as a kid with a brand new toy.

By now, I guess everybody knows what the Skyliner does, how it changes from a steel hard-top to a wide open convertible and back again just by touching a button. Now, hold her just right there. Look, look at all the luggage the Skyliner can swallow up.

Even with the top down you can carry all the luggage you'll need on that next trip away from home. OK, lower away. You know, the Skyliner is really two fine cars in one, and you can choose the one you want as often as you want.

The top mechanism is designed like an expensive watch, and Ford's engineers have tested it thousands of times without mechanical failure. And of course like every Ford it has safety glass in every window.

Now here's a suprise, the Skyliner is priced lower than most medium priced soft-top convertibles. Miracle on Main Street, it sure is. But miracles are a habit with Ford, where it's a tradition to be first with the newest and the finest.

Now with the operation completed, notice that sleek sweep of the rear deck. There's no roof there, in fact no sign of a top at all. Visit your Ford dealer soon and try out the world's only retractable hard-top, the Ford Skyliner.

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