Ford Commercials: The Ford Skyliner

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The Ford Skyliner

Mulberry Street:
USA (circa 1957)

Most days, Mulberry Street is pretty quiet, but you should have seen all the excitement the day Bob Jordan sprung his big suprise on the neighbourhood. Nobody had ever seen anything quite like this newest new kind of Ford - the Skyliner - the world's only hide-away hard-top. Naturally everyone wanted to see just how it works, naturally Bob wanted to show them.

He pulled the control lever, and the magic started. First, the rear deck-lid swung up. Next, the all-steel top automatically began to rise, then the forward panel folded under. The top continued to move back and down and finally descended smoothly into the trunk.

You saw it happen from an all-steel hard-top to a wide open convertible in less than a minute - but do you think this crowd was satisfied. "Do it again Bob", "Please put the top back up".

And Bob obliged. He knows that the mechanism that operates this retractable top will take all the hard use he can give it, which means he can show it off to his friends all he likes.

Ford engineers have tested this car by putting the top up and down thousands of times - the equivelant of ten years of use without a mechanical failure. This steel top is plenty rugged too - and weather tight. There, the last step. Set screws lock the roof and deck-lid down securely, and it's a snug and beautiful hard-top again.

This is another example of Ford's advanced engineering, another Ford First. Ask your Ford dealer about the new Ford Skyliner, the world's only "hide-away" hard-top.

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