Ford Commercials: The New Ford Wagons for '57

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The New Ford Wagons for '57

America's Most Popular
USA (circa 1957)

It's Saturday morning, and as usual there are a lot of Station Wagons in town, most of them Ford's. There's Mrs Johnson in her new two-door Del Rio.

She tried them all and finally decided on a Ford because it's soo easy to drive and to park, it doesn't have that truck feel some other wagons have. And as for style, well have you ever seen a better looking Station Wagon?

At the boar yard Ed Wilson is loading his six-passenger Country Sedan for a weekend fishing trip. I wonder if Ed still remembers the days when he had to tie that boat on top of his car?

Well he sure has plenty of inside room now, over 34 square feet of it. Speaking of room, just look at this gang pile into that nine passenger Country Sedan. The whole team can travel togther now, and in real solid comfort.

Their Ford is powered by the Thunderbird V8 engine, that's the very same engine that made the Thunderbird famous. Here are a couple of hard workers, Tim McDonald and his business partner, a Ford Ranch Wagon.

Mac has to keep an eye on costs, and he was really impressed when he found out what a low low price tag this station wagon carries. In fact, model for model, right up to this destinguished nine passenger Country Squire, all five Ford Station Wagon's are the lowest priced of the low price three. No wonder there America's most popular.

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