Ford Commercials: The 1957 Ford (part 2)

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The 1957 Ford (part 2)

The 1957 Ford Lineup:
USA (circa 1957)

Ahoy Mate! Having Fun? You bet she is. She's proud of her boat, and proud of her 1957 Ford. You can tell she appreciates beautiful design, the graceful symmetry of this most elegant Ford ever - set's a new standard of automotive styling.

Out West, when boy meets girl, boy gets girl. It's all part of the fun at a Dude ranch. And if you go for the outdoor life, you'll go for the 1957 Ford Sunliner.

Its new long low sillhouette and smartly styled vinyl interiors make the Sunliner the most thrilling version yet of America's favorite convertible... The one-and-a-half gainer. Fun to watch. Fun to perform.

And have you ever noticed that where ever exciting things are happening, there's usually a 1957 Ford nearby? This is the Ford Fairlane 500 Club Victoria, it's over seventeen feet long, and lower, more beautiful and more powerful. See and action test the new kind of Ford soon...

It's chuck wagon breakfast time out West where the fun begins, and this nine passenger Ford country sedan fits right in. It's one of five Ford Station Wagons for 1957 - America's most popular Station Wagon's. And each one is lower, longer, wider, more powerfull than ever. See the '57 Ford's soon... Where ever you find folks having fun in the sun, chances are you'll find a 1957 Ford Sunliner - America's best selling convertible.

And it's not just a fair-weather favorite either, Ford's double sealed double stitched top will keep you snug come rain or come shine, and it's fade resistent too. See it soon, and here's where... From the first drive, to the last putt, the game of golf is an exciting one. And from your very first drive in the 1957 Ford you'll know that here is another kind of excitement that'll always seem new.

That's why you see so many new Ford's where ever there are people who are really enjoying life. Action test this new kind of Ford soon, here's where... It was a smooth flight, not a bump all the way, and for this man the rest of the way home will be just as smooth. That's because he'll be riding in a 1957 Ford, the heaviest most comfortable Ford ever built. Enjoy a big car ride in a low priced car. Action test the all new kind of Ford for 1957, and here's where...

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