Morris Marina

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Morris Marina

Morris Marina

1971 - 1984
United Kingdom
4 & 6 cyl.
1300/1800/2600 cc
3/4 spd. man / 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
1 star
Morris Marina
With sales of the Ford Cortina skyrocketing, BMC decided it too needed a new mid sized car to replace its rapidly aging designs. The Marina was, however, considered a direct rival to the Ford Escort and Holden Torana/Vauxhall Viva.

Unfortunately for the unsuspecting motoring public the decision was made to use existing running gear dating back to 1948 on the "all new" Marina - by reason that the technology was tried and tested.

Tried and Tested it may have been, but the appaling build quality was to become the main reason anyone would talk about the Marina - and non existant trade in valuations were soon to follow.

Launched in 1970, the car was a typical contemporary design, with a front-mounted four cylinder engine driving the rear wheels via a live axle. Using torsion bar suspension, the Marina had two engine sizes (1.3 and 1.8 liters) and three body styles (sedan, station wagon and coup´┐Ż).

Many consider the Marina suffered a cursed life as industrial difficulties within the British motoring industry were to lead to compounding reliability and build quality problems.

And of course this was to pave the way for the Japanese manufacturers, using thier systems of "total quality control", to enter the Australian marketplace. Buyers deserted the British car makers in droves, the rest remains history.

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