Mercedes Benz 450SL

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Mercedes Benz 450SL

1973 - 1980
V8. overhead cam
4 spd. man 3 spd. auto
Top Speed:
215 km/h
Number Built:
3 star
Mercedes 450SL
The R107 body shape was first introduced to Europe in 1970 as the 350SL, with the car being made available to Australia and the USA the following year.

In 1979 Mercedes released the 450SL Roadster, originally released as a 350SL (4.5), with the name being "officially" changed to 450SL one year later.

The main reason for the release of the 450SL was to enable Mercedes engineers to cope with more stringent US anti pollution legislation. In fact, the increase in engine size was necessitated out of the engines loss of power after the anti-pollution gear was attached.

Without wishing to be political, one really does wonder the reasoning of legislators that forced so many car manufacturers of the time to increase engine size and therefore fuel consumption in a bid to cut down on pollution.

That said, many believe the 450SL to be the pick of the R107 range (which includes the 350, 380, 560 and 280SL's). Why?, because of the longevity and simplicity of the cast iron block V8 engine, with matched bullet proof 3 speed auto transmission.

The engine featured an advanced single overhead camshaft design and was a torque monster, loafing happily along at any speed, from its 550rpm idle up to its 6,000rpm redline.

Various changes to the engine systems, particularly in the US, saw power further decline to just 160bhp, although such changes occured during 1980, the last year of the 450SL. The majority of R107 SL's on the road today have either been restored or are waiting to be restored, being around 25 years old.

The value of such cars can vary wildly - but the good news as this model is fast becoming a collectors classic with values appreciating. Parts for the 107 are readily sourced from Germany and the US, and the 450SL today represents a fantastic car to own and drive in today's traffic.

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