Mercedes Benz 200D

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Mercedes Benz 200D

1965 - 1968
4 cyl. diesel
1988 cc
55 bhp
4 spd. man / 4 spd. auto
Top Speed:
81 mph / 130 km/h
Number Built:
1 star
Mercedes 200D
When the petrol driven 200 model was released, it featured not only a new body style but a much improved engine with bigger displacement.

For the diesel model, however, Mercedes chose to refine the engine rather than increase its size or capacity.

Introduced was a five bearing crankshaft and noise reduction technology that made the car both smoother and quiter.

And as can be expected from the Mercedes engineers, these changes also brought about better performance and power.

The top speed was now 130km/h, while fuel consumption was (for the time - one must consider the weight of the car) a very modest 8.1 liters per 100km's.

It was during the production run of the 200D that the 500,000 Mercedes Diesel was manufactured - attesting to the popularity of Diesel even back in the 1950's and 1960's.

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