Holden Camira JE

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Holden Camira

Holden Camira JE

1987 - 1989
4 cyl. SOHC
5 spd. man.; 3 spd. Auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
1 star
Holden Camira JE
When, in 1987, the JE Camira was introduced the reliability and build quality issues that had plagued the previous models were to tarnish the reputation of a car that was much improved. Featuring a new 2 liter EFI engine, the JE also had upgraded suspension, enhanced noise reduction refined design ques on the exterior.

For those that noted the disappearance of the grille on the previous JD model and wondered how a "facelift" could be executed, well in the case of the JE Holden simply put it back, albiet a very small one.

The JE kept the wonderfully modern (for the time) sloping bonet, while interior trim levels were improved and higher quality switch gear was introduced.

The JE was, for a short time, even available as a limited-edition "Vacationer" - a moniker previously reserved for the traditional family sized Kingswoods and Commodores.

The Camira was soon to suffer the same fate as the Gemini. During the mid to late 80's the then Federal Minister for Trade and Industry John Button was restructuring the local motor industry, and this involved local manufacturers sharing models.

The JE was replaced by the Toyota Camry and re-badged as a Holden Apollo. Some said not a minute too soon - but this criticism was a little harsh to be directed toward the JE.

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