Ford Falcon XY

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Ford Falcon XY

1970 - 1972
6 cyl. & V8
2.4/3.3 liter 6 and 5.7 liter V8
121 bhp (3.3 liter)
3/4 spd. man / 2 spd. auto
Top Speed:
Number Built:
3 star
Ford Falcon XY
The XY marked the apogee of the second generation Falcons, superior in performance to its competitors, better built, fitted with a range of locally designed six cylinder engines, and in GT form, producing the ultimate and fastest Falcon of them all.

Popular with police forces, rental companies and the public at large, the XY featured a new plastic grille split in the centre and revised tail lamps.

The 250ci six was now almost as big as previous V8's, and all engine and transmission combinations afforded class leading performance.

For those lusting after a GT, but without enough cash, Ford introduced the GS (Grand Sport) Pack, available in Falcon 500, Futura and Fairmont models.

The improvments included the all important bucket seats, floor console, T-bar automatic or 4 speed manual, power steering, air conditioning, power operated windows, ventilated disc brakes, the 302 5.0 liter V8, a tinted laminated windscreen, vinyl roof and low-profile radial tires.

Perhaps the strangest iteration of time goes to the XY 4x4 utility. While not a great success, it does show the forsight of the Ford engineers to envisage the popularity of a 4 wheel drive combined with sedan like handling characteristics and levels of comfort.

Unfortunately though the 250ci engine used in the 4x4 proved less than economical, and the ride from the all leaf-spring suspension was downright uncomfortable.

Having to stop the vehicle and engage four wheel drive from the front hubs was also a problem, although only a minor discomfort compared to that being delivered to the hip pocket and backside.

Across the entire range, improvements were made to the seating, safety equipment and steps were taken to provide a smoother, quieter ride. But of course the houours (and the reason the XY is best remembered so fondly today) goes to the 351ci (5.7 liter) engine.

While similar in capacity to that fitted to the previous model, the 351 fitted to the XY was a completely new engine design, more modern and efficient, and when locally produced, would power the Falcon through the next decade.

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