Ford Falcon Commercials: Falcon XL

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Ford Falcon XL

Trim, Taut, Terrific
Australia (circa 1962)

There's a new beauty on Australian roads, the new Falcon, the trim, taut, terrific new cars where grace takes on a wonderful new look. The new Falcon is the car you'll stop to look at, and like!

It's crisp, clean lines of elegance give the Falcon an even more unmistakable leadership in style. The dramatic new front end speaks of tomorrow - today. Falcon's the car you'll stop to look at, and like!

The new Thunderbird inspired roof-line adds its own touch of distinction to the trim, taught terrific new Falcon, the car you'll stop to look at, and like! Wherever you see it you'll be conscious of lean clean unmatched beauty, its the car you'll stop to look at, and like!

With all its new loveliness Falcon's still the same tough customer you've always admired. A lovely combination of beauty and braun. Yes Falcon really is the car you'll stop to look at, and like!

See the trim taut terrific Falcon at your Ford dealers now!

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Posted 1161 days ago
Support! I remember I saw Matthew Rush years ago while triealvng in San Francisco to attend the Folsom Street Fair. He was gogo dancing on the Falcon Stage. My friend and I actually caught him resting and we talked a bit. Very impressed. Obviously a very intelligent man.. which I guess is rare among *** actors. *** lnpgkrq *** [url= *** plxbuxgfdhy *** ]plxbuxgfdhy[/url] [link= *** fpfgzwvks *** ]fpfgzwvks[/link]
Posted 1161 days ago
Thank you.I have an exhibition <a href=" *** xplgnwifncc *** ">conmig& lt;/a> up (22nd Sept at Red Gallery, Nth Fitzroy, Melbourne) where works will be for sale.The theme is cat and mouse. Most of the recent posts show work for this exhibition being constructed.If you are interested in anything in particular let me know.PS Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been interstate and had limited internet access.
Posted 1164 days ago
Such a gorgeous photo. I can't <a href=" *** uvaucb *** ">imiagne</ a> waking up to see that view. The light is radiant off the yellow sills. Makes me want to paint my walls yellow. It is as close as we can get to sunflowers.
Posted 1164 days ago
I LOVE your blues- I used to have a lot of blue in my house but kind of got away from it. I saved 3 of these images here today. I need to start a foedlr called "Things Tete Tossed My Way". lol Beautiful images. Hope you have a GOOD day and that all is well in your part of the world- xo Diana
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