Recommended Web Links for Classic Car Enthusiasts

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Thanks for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that we recommend. If you are looking for a vehicle manufacturers site, click here...
QSM Auto Group
National Motor Museum Australia

The National Motor Museum is the recognised centre in Australia for the research, recording and preservation of all aspects of Australia’s road motor transport history.

With a collection comprising 400 cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles, the National Motor Museum is home to an internationally acclaimed collection of vintage, veteran and classic vehicles.

But the collection is about more than the vehicles; it is also about the people behind the vehicles. The owners, drivers and designers of vehicles as well as those who helped build and sell them.
QSM Auto Group
QSM Auto Group

Apart from offering a selection of top shelf European cars for sale, this site also offers the visitor some fantastic 1920 x 1200 wallpapers of Bentley's, BMW's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, and Porsche's.

If you don't find what you are looking for in the Unique Cars and Parts Wallpaper section (or just want to make a change), this site is definately worth a visit.

Early Datsun Homepage
Early Datsun Home Page

If you love old Datsuns, then we are sure you'll enjoy yourself here.

The Early Datsun Homepage is the internet's most comprehensive data base on Nissan, Datsun and Prince cars and commercial vehicles built before 1970.

Early Datsun in Australia
Early Datsun in Australia

Attention all Datsun and Nissan fans - a must have CD for your collection...

The "Early Datsun in Australia" is a complete guide on Compact Disc to every Nissan, Datsun and Prince car and commercial vehicle sold in Australia before 1970.

As well as having one of the most comprehensive model guides for Datsuns of this era that has ever been written, it also includes over 800 different images, making it both a visual treat for Datsun enthusiasts and an essential item for automotive website designers and car club newsletter editors.


Datrats sell mainly competition parts for Datsun/Nissan vehicles, while other parts are manufactured as required. Their aim is to provide parts at cost competitive rates so that they get your business!

They continually try to improve their pricing by sourcing from different suppliers, at the same time ensuring quality control is maintained in an effort to ensure all second hand parts are fully serviceable before resale!

Any new items purchased from Datrats come with a 90 day warranty against manufacturing faults. If you have a competition Datsun/Nissan or are contemplating getting into the sport, their web site is well worth checking out.

For simply stunning photographs featuring many famous marques such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, while also boasting some fine images of architecture, sunrises, and lightning. Why not take a moment to drop by
Australian Ford UK Regaister
Australian Ford Register UK

Did you know that Australian Fords were available through Ford U.K. dealers? Where they all are now remains a mystery, and Ford Australia have little or no record of how many they supplied.

Sandy Mercer, key contributor to the Ford information pages on this site, asks that if you have any information as to the whereabouts of any Australian Fords in the UK, whether now, or in the past, that you contact him via his web site...

Valvoline have a long established tradition of creating motor oils and other products for both today's mainstream vehicles to the older classic types as featured on this site.

There are competitions, car care tips, a fascinating "tech talk" section and even games. This site is highly recommended and well worth a visit!
Rare Spares
Rare Spares

If you are undertaking a restoration project, or perhaps just keeping the numero uno member of your family in tip top condition, Rare Spares should be your first port of call.

They stock parts for Holden's, Ford's, Mazda's, Valiant's, Toyota's, Mitsubishi's, Nissan's, Merc's, Jag's and Volkswagens.

Whether its weather seals, rubber kits, rust repair panels, badges, decals, lamps, lenses, door belts, ute & boot mats, clips, fasteners, hose, glass, pedal pads, lock sets or any other restoration part or accessory you are after, chances are Rare Spares has it.
EH Holden Car Club
EH Holden Car Club

Features pictures of members' cars, chatroom, technical information, EJ-EH history, specifications and valuations, guestbook, buy & sell, a list of other EH-EJ clubs and even an online newsletter.
FE/FC Holden Car Club
FE/FC Holden Car Clubs

Dedicated to keeping this once forgotten model on the road for all to see, and remember motoring as it was in the mid to late 1950’s.

We extend a cordial invitation to owners and/or enthusiasts of FE and FC Holdens to join our large and happy club. We are happy to accept both modified and stock models.
Charles Porsche Site
Charles Porsche Site

If your a Porsche fan (and who isn't), this site is well worth checking out. Loads of information, antidotes and photos of Porsches, this is your chance to read and share all kinds of information on arguably the worlds most desired marque…

Magic Car Care

Suitable for all types of motor vehicles, this Australian Made and invented product will take the back-ache out of keeping your pride and joy looking pristine.






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