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Top 5 Production Numbers: Morris Minor

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Morris Minor

1948 - 1971
  United Kingdom
  4 cyl.
  918/803/943/1098 cc
  27-48 bhp
  4 spd. man
Top Speed:
  96-125 km/h
Number Built:
  2 star
Seen as the outstanding economy car of its time, the Morris Minor was a best seller as well as being a long standing car in terms of production. Built from 1948 to 1971, it boasted rack-and-pinion steering and torsion-bar independent rear suspension.

Its superb handling and smooth styling resulted in this car being viewed by Brits as ultramodern when compared to pre-war vehicles that existed at the time.

Initial cars used the under-powered Series E flat-head engine, as well as low-slung headlights (that were to remain in use until 1950 when cars were either a two-door, or later, a four door).

In 1952 the overhead-valve Austin engine was used and in 1953 the (now highly collectable) half timber Traveller model appeared. In 1956 the engine capacity grew to 948cc and cars were badged Minor 1000. This put top speed up to 112 kph and also made the car a standout because of its larger rear window (on saloon models) and single piece front screen.

Doors became wider in 1959, and flashing indicators replaced semaphores in 1961. When BMC had produced 1,000,000 of the Minor a commemorative edition colored lilac and using white seats was brought out.

The final change to this car occurred in 1962 with the establishment of its 1098cc 48 bhp motor. Saloons and open-tourers ceased production in the late '60's, but the two-door and the Traveller were built until 1971.

Editors Note: The Volkswagen Golf has now overtaken the Morris Minor in production numbers, with over 2 million having now been manufactured. This number was reached, however, counting generations 1 through 4 and cannot therefore be attributed directly to one single model.
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