Top 5 Production Numbers: Number 2

Top 5 Production Numbers: Renault 4

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 1961 - 1968
  4 cyl.
  24 bhp
  3 spd. man
Top Speed:
  120 km/h
Number Built:
When the Renault 4 was lauched, it was looked upon as Renault's answer to Citroën's famous 2CV. In time it was to prove itself as much more than that.

It was the first car with a fifth door, and thus it was the first true hatchback. It led to the Renault 5, another of the most successful Renaults produced to date. Today it remains the most produced French car ever, reaching production figures over 8,000,000 by the end of its career in 1994.

This Renault survived and endured through several model line-ups, from Dauphine to Clio. The Renault 4 was designed on an all new platform which formed the basis for the R5, R6 and R7. Renault never invested much in developing the car, and it used parts from the Renault parts bin.

It used wheels, engines, switchgear, dials and transmissions that were designed for other cars in the range. Its enduring success was based solely on the fact that its design was so intrinsically right.

Throughout its 32-year run, it was a simple car, ever practical, and reliable. Due to its enduring design and long production run, the Renault 4 has only recently become a collectors car.

It has out-produced legends such as the BMC Mini (5 million), the Morris Minor (2 million), the Citroën 2CV (over 3 million), and also the original Fiat Cinquecento (4 million), to become one of the most produced cars ever.

It was popular worldwide, and was produced in France, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Tunisia, Zaire, the Ivory Coast, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Ireland, Chile, Angola, Madagascar, Morocco and Slovenia.

It is without a doubt, one of the most influential cars ever made. The Renault 4 was eventually superceded by the Renault 6 in 1968.
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