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Top 5 Car Chase Movies

The Best Car Chase Movies

When the "Film Junk" web site recently ran an online poll of their favorite "Best Car Chase Movie", we were a little suprised that our number #2 movie didn't get a mention in their Top 10. Looking around at other sites, it became apparent that making any such list of the best car chase movies would be contentious. And so, the following list is strictly what we think would make a worthwhile addition to your movie collection, if you haven't already got them. Movies not listed here, but we think worth a mention, include Vanishing Point (1971), Duel (1971), The Rock (1996), Mad Max (1979), The Blues Brothers (1980) and To Live and Die In L.A. (1985).

No. 5 - A Scenic Tour Of Turin
No. 4 - Samurai With No Master
No. 3 - Popeye Chases The Elevated Train
No. 2 - The 40 Minute Marathon
No. 1 - Ford GT Mustang 390 Fastback vs. Dodge Charger R/T 440 Magnum

Top 5 Vehicle Production Numbers

Production Numbers

We were recently asked by a visitor to the site which cars were produced in the greatest volume. We believe the Model T ford was around 14.5 million, which would clearly place it in second place on this list, however we decided to make a list based on those cars built since 1945. Who would have thought that the car to take this title started out as a sketch on restaurant napkin...

No. 5 - English Economy
No. 4 - French with No Frills
No. 3 - Alex's Masterpiece
No. 2 - French Ingenuity
No. 1 - The People's Car

Top 5 Aussie Collectable Classic Cars

Aussie Collectables

There have been many defining automotive triumphs (and tradgedies) amoung Australian based manufacturers over the last 50 years - and we attempt to choose the 5 most worthy. Although any attempt to create a definitive list can be frought with controversy, we doubt anyone will dispute the car we rank as Number 1.

No. 5 - An Aussie Icon
No. 4 - Local Prestige
No. 3 - Design Maturity
No. 2 - Beauty and Braun
No. 1 - The Legend

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