Morgan 4 Seater

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Morgan 4 Seater

Morgan 4 Seater
Morgan 4 Seater
The new Morgan 4-seater models that made their debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2006 are now available for sale in Australia, with first deliveries expected around mid-2007.

Available in the 2.0-liter Plus 4 and 3.0-liter Roadster models, the new 4-seaters make a welcome return to the model line-up. The last of the previous 4-seaters was delivered to Japan in mid-2004, but new 4-seaters have not come to Australia for about a decade, due to ADR requirements.

The design of the rear of the new 4-seater has been tastefully revised, to comply with modern safety regulations, including the ability to fit child seats, as required by Australian Law.

Simultaneously, the Morgan Motor Company has adapted the new “easy-use” hood design, as currently used on the 2-seater cars, for the new 4-seaters. The rear compartment is now wider than before and rear passengers have more foot and legroom, making the car a comfortable 4-seater.

Unlike the woodrim steering wheel car pictured above, Australian Morgan’s are all fitted with twin airbags and leather bound steering wheel.

Other standard features on all models for Australia include:

• Leather trim
• Electrically heated windscreen
• Polished walnut dash
• Clear underseal

The UK order bank for the new 4-seater is already filled well into 2007, reflecting the pent-up demand for these models. The Morgan Plus 4 4-seater is powered by the same Ford Duratec 2.0 liter, DOHC, 16-valve, inline 4-cylinder engine, developing 106 kW, as its 2-seater equivalent.

Likewise, the Roadster version shares the same 3.0 liter, V6, 168 kW Ford Duratec engine as fitted to the normal 2-seater Roadster. Both Roadster models are available with air-conditioning, as a $4995 option.

As for the Plus 4, the Australian retail price premium for the 4-seater Roadster, over the equivalent 2-seater version is $9000.

A new option available on all Roadster models is the availability of beautiful 18” stainless steel, centre lock wire wheels, albeit at a not inconsequential price of $9450. The slightly less dramatic 16” stainless steel, centre lock wire wheels remain available as a $6750 option.

In standard trim, both Roadster models come equipped with 16” bolt-on alloy wheels. A limited slip differential is also fitted as standard equipment. With immediate effect, the retail prices of new classic Morgan’s are now as follows:

• Roadster 4-seater $148 000 $156 821*
• Roadster $139 000 $148 579*
• Plus 4 4-seater $123 000 $131 821*
• Plus 4 $114 000 $122 371*
• 4/4 70th Anniversary $105 000 $112 921*
• 4/4 $ 97 000 $104 521*

*Note: These “drive-away” retail prices apply to deliveries in Victoria, through Morgan Melbourne, part of the ZAGAME Automotive Group Pty Ltd (LMCT 9479). All models have leather trim, twin airbags, electrically heated windscreen, and clear underseal as part of the standard specification. Prices exclude options.

**Note: Morgan Roadster 4-seater illustrated. metallic paint ($1890) and 18” stainless steel wire wheels ($9450) optional. Australian cars feature polished walnut dash and twin airbags. Woodrim steering wheel not available in Australia.
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