Ford Cortina Mk.II Model Lineup

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Ford Cortina
Makes A Habit Of Winning

A spirited, exciting car tailored for youthful tastes, Cortina makes a steady habit of winning…and winning. In the sales race: Cortina consistently takes the honours as No. 1 seller.

On The Track: Cortina’s race, trial and rally record is unequalled by any other light car in the world.. With this outstanding heritage, I follows that Cortina’s top performance, handling and reliability can be taken for granted.

With several models to choose from and a range of exciting options, Cortina can be anything and everything you want it to be.

A luxury, high performance sports machine, or a well equipped family car, economical run-about or smart second-car…with room to stretch, wide track ride, a neat (smallest in its class) 30-foot turning circle, the biggest luggage capacity in its class, and a long list of safety features.

Cortina is an active fun car, designed for sheer driving pleasure with reliability to match.

World Beater In Motor Sport

Ford Cortina's have won more competitive events throughout the world than any other make of car. And the wins include the big ones. East Africa Safari, Alpine Rally, European Touring Car Championship, British Rally Championship, Swedish Ice Race Championship and RAC World Rally Championship. Over 500 wins to date.

What goes into a Cortina that makes it the world beater it is? Cortina started its life being designed by a special team of talented engineers with a 20 year tradition of building winning road-and-track cars. Its overhead valve Cross-Flow engine is so good it is used in thoroughbred racing chassis specials

The suspension is tuned to the car's sporting nature, a long wheelbase and wide track are designed for exceptionally safe handling, and disc brakes are provided for optimum stopping power.

Here are some of the most noteable successes achieved in recent years in Australia by Cortina:

  • 1969
    • Classic Rally
    • BP Rally
  • 1968
    • Classic Rally
    • Walkerville Trial
    • Warana Rally
    • Southern Cross Rally
    • Alpine Rally
    • Australian Rally Championship
  • 1967
    • North Eastern Trial
    • Southern Cross Rally
    • Cooper Memorial Trial
  • 1966
    • Total Rally
    • Mobil Economy Run
    • BP Rally
    • Southern Cross Rally
  • 1965
    • Armstrong 500
    • BP Rally
    • Lowood 4 Hour Race
    • Blue Ribbon Trial
    • Akademos Trial
    • Experts Trial
    • Begonia Rally
    • Victorian Trials Championship
    • Two Day Trial
Cortina GT
Cortina GT
Cortina GT
The most successful car in world-wide motor sport and the choice of Australia's Rally Champions over many years.

Cortina GT features an ultra high-performance 1600 cc Cross-Flow engine, with dual barrel downdraught carburetor, that develops a lively 93 hp at 5400 rpm. Suspension is performance tuned. Track is a wide 52.5 inches for outstanding stability and handling. Brakes are self-adjusting discs.

It has the spectacular appearance of a "go" machine. Le Mans anti-glare hood panels; hood lock pins; GT side stripes and insignia; quartz iodine long range driving lights; fat radial ply tires on 5 inch rims.

Inside, all the appointments that you'd expect of a fine touring competition car: Deep buckets; complete GT instrumentation; sports steering wheel; stubby, remote control, racing gearshift; carpet; heater/demister and Aeroflow ventilation are among its many features.

Cortina 440

An extremely well-equipped 4-door personal or family car with all the famous reliability, performance, handling and comfort that have made Cortina the top-selling light car.

Full width seats; carpet; heater/demister; two-speed electric windshield wipers with washers; anti-burst and child proof door locks; Aeroflow ventilation; lap/sash seat belts, and numerous other safety features. Self-adjusting disc brakes are also standard.

Standard power/transmission is 1300 cc Cross-Flow engine with 4-speed all-synchromesh column change. Optional transmissions are column mounted automatic, or sporting four-on-the-floor manual with optional bucket seats. Optional engine is 1600 cc Cross-Flow design developing 75 hp.

Cortina 240

This model is equipped to the same high level of finish and comfort as the Cortina 440, with the exception that it is a 2-door version with front bucket seats and floor mounted 4-speed, all-synchromesh transmission.

Cortina 220

Another 2-door version - at an economy price and with ample opportunity for you to express your own taste from a long list of personalizing options.

As it comes, Cortina 220 features a 1300 cc Cross-Flow engine; 4-speed all-synchromesh floor-shift; self-adjusting disc brakes; two-speed windshield wipers and windshield washers; bucket seats; lap/sash seat belts; and the long list of safety features common to all Cortina models.

Safety Features

With the Cortina, an important step has been taken beyond merely adding safety features to a car. Increased driving-safety has been designed into the Cortina itself. Ford engineers have designed a wider 52.5-inch track and combined it with a long 98-inch wheelbase. This means greater stability on the road, far safer cornering, and more control under all conditions.

The suspension system is designed to provide a smoother, sure-footed ride and better absorption of road shocks. The steering is lighter and more responsive. Driver visibility is such that all four corners of the car can be seen for easier parking. As a result, the new Cortina has driving characteristics which provide you with extra control - and improved road behaviour-adding up to extra safety for you.

In addition to Cortina's safety-by- design, there are many safety features standard on every Cortina model. They are:

  • Lap/Sash Seat Belts. Padded Dashboard
  • Safety-Type "Collapsible" Parcel Tray Under Dash
  • Safety Sun Visors
  • Shatterproof Rear View Mirror
  • Deep Dish Safety Steering Wheel
  • Safety Glass in all Windows with Zone-Toughened Area in Front of Driver
  • Windscreen Washers
  • Combined HeateriDemister (optional on 220)
  • Electric Windscreen Wipers
  • Anti-Burst Door Locks
  • Childproof Latch on Rear Doors on 4-Door Models
  • Aeroflow Demisting and Full-Flow Fresh Air System
  • Self-Adjusting Front Disc Brakes
  • Self-Adjusting Rear Drum Brakes
  • 13-inch Safety-Rim Wheels (with Radial Ply tires on GT Model)
  • Wrap-Around Tail-lights

Built for Performance

Performance isn't just speed alone. Its a designed and perfectly balanced combination of many things that make a car totally predictable under all conditions. It's driver comfort; responsive power; handling; braking, and complete reliability. Cortina is all these things by design, testing and retesting; the car chosen by more professional and performanceeconscious drivers than any other light car in the world.


The heart of Cortina's remarkable performance is the revolutionary "Cross-Flow" engine design. The cylinder head features the Cross-Flow concept which, combined with new bowl-in-piston design, allows larger valve ports and more efficient use of fuel. The result is more responsive power and greater economy than you can get from conventional engine design.


Just as Cortina is precise and certain in responsive power, handling and ride - so it is in braking capability. All models in the Cortina range feature, as standard, self-adjusting front disc brakes and self-adjusting rear drum brakes.

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