Holden EK NASCO Accessories

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Holden EK Nasco Accessories
Holden EK Nasco Accessories
Holden EK Nasco Accessories
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1. SUNSHADE Reduces hot sun glare, eliminates eye strain and helps keep the interior cool and comfortable.
2. HOOD ORNAMENT A sparkling, heavily chromed ornament to add extra beauty to your new car.
3. VENETIAN SHADE An attractive accessory to protect rear-seat passengers from the sun's rays and keep the car cool and shaded.
4. FRONT AND REAR FENDER MUD FLAPS Deflect water, mud and flying stones, prevent damage to car finish.
5. NUMBER-PLATE FRAMES Add a smart touch to front and rear ends.
6. EXTERNAL REAR-VIEW MIRROR Several types available. Provide clear, uninterrupted view of following traffic.Several types available. Provide clear, uninterrupted view of following traffic.
7. WINDSHIELD WASHER Foot or hand-operated types available. Touch a button and twin jets spray windshield with water - wipers remove all dirt, insects, etc.
8. WHEEL EMBELLISHERS Beautiful wheel discs lift the appearance of the whole car.
9. TURN SIGNAL LAMPS Flashing lamps on front and rear of car give a clear indication of turning. Standard equipment on Special Models.
10. PAINT PROTECTION PLATES Protect paintwork around handles from scratches and general wear and tear.
11. WEATHER SHIELD One-piece moulded perspex shield keeps out draughts and rain when driving window is down.
12. HIGHNOTE HORN Combines with standard horn to produce a long-range, pleasant-sounding warning device.
13. BACK-UP LAMP Bright lamps automatically illuminate the ground behind the car when reversing. A great aid at night.
14. REAR WHEEL COVERS Add beauty and prevent inside edges of rear fenders from paint damage.
15. LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT LAMP Illuminates boot to enable easy wheel changing or loading luggage.
16. INSECT SCREEN Fits between front grille and radiator. Stops insects from clogging radiator core.
17. CAR HEATER Even on the coldest winter day you drive snug and warm with warmed air flow throughout the car. Demisters supplied with the heater remove dangerous windshield fogging. Two types... Fresh Air and Recirculating.
18. GLOVE-BOX LAMP Automatically lights up the glove box as it is opened.
19. ELECTRIC CLOCK Precision-made time-piece incorporating new instrument tell-tale lights.
20. COOLARIDE CUSHION AND SEAT PAD For cool, relaxed driving in the hottest weather. Ventilated to allow air to circulate around your body.
21. HANDRAIL A great convenience for rear-seat passengers. Richly chromed.
22. PARCEL SHELF Extra space for all personal belongings, parcels, etc. Does not restrict leg-room.Extra space for all personal belongings, parcels, etc. Does not restrict leg-room.
23. STEERING SLEEVE AND LOCK Specially designed thief-proof protection. Bright red to discourage entry before any damage is done.
24.GEAR-LEVER LOCK Simply turn a key and gear lever is locked in desired position. Gears cannot be changed.
25. REAR-SEAT SPEAKER Mounted on rear shelf. Improves radio tone and clarity for rear-seat passengers.
26.INTERIOR PICNIC SHELF Fitted to back of front seat for roadside snacks, picnics, etc.
27. DOOR PULL-TO HANDLES Neat, attractive handles for easier closing of doors from inside car.
28. RUBBER FOOT MATS Saves wear on original mats or carpets and keeps them clean and new-looking.
29. PLASTIC SEAT COVERS Protect upholstery, strong and easy to clean.
30. FENDER ORNAMENTS Handsome, dress-up accessories, gracefully styled to match the fenders.
31. ACCELERATOR HEEL PAD Protective rubber pad covers wear on original pedal rubber.
32. HOLDEN CAR RADIO BY AIR CHIEF Three models feature tailored controls which fit in and harmonise with the instrument panel.
  All Transistor Radio - Seven transistor - the greatest ever. Super heterodyne circuit provides the ultimate in powerful, crystal clear, long range reception. It features push-button tuning-any one of five stations is accurately tuned in at the press of a button. Other big features are instant starting and low battery drain.
* Transistor Power Push-button - A combination of transistor/valve receiver with push-button control, it offers glorious tone, faithful reproduction and long distance reception with minimum interference - the features your radio must have.
* Transistor Power Manual Control - This economy priced radio has manual controls, but the receiver itself has all the features of the push-button radio
Use these specially prepared products to keep your Holden in showroom condition.
CHAMOIS - Soft, resilient l00% oil-tanned leather. Absorbs water quickly - takes up dust easily..
GMH ALL-PURPOSE CLEANING FLUID - For washing the whole car, paint, chrome and glass. Easily removes dirt and grime from all materials.
GMH CHROME AND GLASS CLEANER - Gives a brilliant shine without scratching. One application is all that's needed to leave a clean and gleaming surface.
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