Classic Car Insurance

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Insurance is a necessary evil for the Classic Car enthusiast. And with the growing interest in classic cars, the competition to get your insurance dollar has never been stronger. There was a time, just a few years back, when there were only a handful of car insurance companies around that catered for cars over 10 years old, but now it seems everyone is joining the party.

Never before has there been so much interest in classic cars as there is today. And getting the right cover for your car is no longer an easy task - each major insurer has different products on offer designed to match the type of cover you need. Our needs here at Unique Cars and Parts may not match yours, but high on our list of desirable features of a policy include:

  • Monthly direct debit payment
  • Stable Insurance
  • Choice Of Repairer
  • Agreed Value
When you begin investigating what type of cover, and which car insurance company best suits your needs, and budget, you will invariably get advice from your friends and family, or you may look at advertising material from insurance companies offering classic car insurance. But these sources can only present you with a limited amount of information. A greater selection of more detailed information is available on the web.

Using the Web As Your Information Aid

TV commercials and print ads can expose you to only a limited amount of information, and a lack of information can lead you to making the wrong choice when buying your classic car insurance. Given the expense of television commercials, they usually only try to entice you with pictures of classic cars, then suggest you ring a phone number to get your classic car insured. To get the information you really need, you will have to find the time to visit their office or be restricted by whatever the information you can get over the phone. Making an ill informed purchase of classic car insurance can only make you spend more than you should.

All the information you need to find out before you buy your classic car insurance is freely available. However you should know where to look for it. As made amply visible above, you can use the internet as your information aid when shopping for classic car insurance. Your search on the internet will display a wide choice of classic car insurance companies, it can also provide you with other vital information such as, the prevailing classic car insurance prices and how much coverage you will get for that price. You can now see, classic car insurance can be cheap and provide exactly the right kind of cover you need, provided you are willing to make an effort to find it.

Also take the time to learn a little more about the insurance company you wish to use. You should find out how long they have been in business, and it is always worthwhile reading some testimonials from their satisfied clients. Speak with other car enthusiasts, and find out from them how they were treated when they needed to make a claim. In life there are always those who will happily take your money, but treat you quite differently when it comes time to make a claim. You should not live in fear of your insurer, after all, they are providing a service which you are paying for.

What Type of Classic Car Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Before calling the insurance company to get your car insurance quote, know the type of car insurance coverage you need. The law requires you to only have liability coverage, and we know it could be tempting to save a few dollars and only have the very minimum insurance required, particularly if your classic car is seldom taken on the roads.

However we would strongly advise that a complete comprehensive policy be sought to cover your classic car, regardless of the circumstances - and given that many companies offer a substantial discount for cars that keep within an agreed "kilometer range" per year, there really is no excuse not to have adequate insurance, both for your sake, and that of the other party.

And that is what you should be looking for when deciding the best cover for you and your classic car. Try to determine the best policy by deciding what "excess" you could afford if something did happen, and make sure you determine just how many road kilometers will be undertaken in the car each year so that the correct "low k's" policy can be quoted. It is usual for an insurance company to request a visual odometer reading before they issue you with the insurance - don't try to cheat the system.

If you think you will exceed the nominated kilometer's travelled in any one year, ring your insurer and discuss the issue with them. Usually, and for only a very nominal fee, the cover will be extended to cover the excess kilometers. You will enjoy driving your classic much more knowing that your insurance is solid.

Choosing The Right Classic Car Insurance Company

When you are set to choose your insurance provider, instead of just looking for the best car insurance premium, it is a good idea to do some research on different insurance companies to find out about their financial strength. Another important feature to check when choosing your car insurance provider are the discounts given based on your particular classic cars circumstances.

There are lots of companies out there that like to think they provide Classic Car Insurance, but when you put them to the test you will find the "one policy fits all" approach, which will usually mean you do not get the right cover, or worse still, pay too much for the cover required.
  • Making your Call:

    Having the list of selected classic car insurance providers ready; you can start making calls to those car insurance companies looking to get the best deal. When making the calls it is important you have your drivers licence number and a list of discounts you are entitled to, at hand. Make notes, and don't be afraid to ring the same company back if another car insurance company alerts you to a policy feature they have that appeals to you.

  • Getting To Know Your Car Insurance Policy:

    After buying your car insurance policy, do you know what it is all about? Did you get what you paid for? It is important you know what your car insurance policy entitles you to, what your rights and obligations are. Ignorance is never an excuse in court, and while insurance documentation never makes for a great read, you should nonetheless read the policy and make sure it is as was discussed with the consultant on the phone.

  • Filing A Car Insurance Claim:

    Firstly, Let's hope this never should happen! However it is best to learn some important things about car insurance claims before an accident actually occurs. Knowing what to do when you are involved in an accident, help the claims process go much smoother.

Looking For Classic Car Insurance on The Web

The internet, as in so many other instances, can help you in your search for classic car insurance. Just type ‘Car insurance’, ‘online car insurance’, ‘classic car insurance’ or any similar search term in your browser and you will be exposed to a wide range of insurance company websites offering classic car insurance. Most insurance companies selling classic car insurance and other types of insurance policies have their own websites, which provide information about the coverage and the prices of their range of insurance policies. Here you can also look to find out how much you have to pay as the premium for their classic car insurance.

Further research on such websites that offer classic car insurance will help you identify the companies that actually offer classic car insurance comparatively to others. After you have finished identifying the companies that actually offer classic car insurance, check each of those companies to find out the how much coverage they offer for the said price. You can now identify the company that provides not only the best classic car insurance, but gives you the best value for your buck.

So the above is our guide on how to find the best Classic Car Insurance company to suit your needs. If you would like to provide feedback on your experiences with an insurer, feel free to contact us here at Unique Cars and Parts.

Classic Car Insurance

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