Holden Torana Commercials: Torana HB

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Holden Torana HB

Pulse Pounding New Torana
Australia (circa 1967)

You're watching an exciting new car, Holden's sporty new leader in the low price field - the all new Holden Torana. Three exciting models, the outright leaders in their class; stylish, sporty, slung low, priced low.

Holden Torana, the new name for the new one from GMH. Its youthful lines are designed to be admired. Torana's a car that dares to be different, just watch this demonstration of Torana's smoother ride, thanks to coil springing on all four wheels, and the new wide track for safe and positive cornering.

Put a pulse-pounding new Torana in your life, and escape with Holden's exciting new generation - Holden Torana, at your Holden dealer.
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