The Video Vault: Delco Batteries

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Delco Batteries

Dependable Performance Anywhere
USA (circa 1958)

This is a C124, the largest transport plane in the Air Force. It's no picnic flying a payload over country like this, and when ice fog moves in over those mountains then your heading for trouble.

Enter "GCA", Ground Control Approach, the eye's of the Air Force guiding planes to safety in bad weather situations. Every precaution is taken, including an emergency stand-by generator. Hmmm, ice fog's really sucking in now.

This is what the boys in the Arctic call a hairy situation, our C124 is flying totally blind through a treacherous ice fog mountain range, completely dependant on GCA for its safe landing. Standby! Power Failure! All contact with plane lost.

A switch is turned on, the stand-by emergency generator depended on battery power swings into instant action - the life saving signal is resumed.

We're home, another Air Force mission accomplished, no sweat thanks to GCA. Once the C124 is safely down the ground crew rolls out to greet her. Tractors, tow-trucks, fork-lifts and tankers all dependant on battery power gather around the giant bird to unload and service her. Fresh power, dependable power is needed here.

Absolutely fresh power like the Delco dry charge battery. None of its vital power can waste away because this battery comes bone dry. Only when fluid is added does a Delco dry charge battery come to life, ready for fast starts, dependable performance anywhere, under all conditions.

When it's time to replace, make sure you get all the power you paid for, power that can't get old before it's sold, Delco dry charge battery, made by the Delco Remy division of General Motors. Delco, available through the United Motors System and it's independant dealers and distributors.

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